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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Thursday, October 18, 2018

bust my budget

Image result for us deficit by year graph

each fall i sit down and do a budget for the year
ive done this for a long time

i add up income sources
i subtract expenses
if the number that results is a positive one
well thats good
if the number that results is a negative one
wel thats not good

i have a few choices
increase incoming monies
decrease expenses
use credit
use deficit spending

we have never used deficit spending before
my solution is always
bringing in more money
making decisions on what we spend our money on

unless my wife she and i decide go back to work
then our income sources aint changing
ive calculated using all kinds of calculations
how much we need to draw from our savings each month
so that our money will last until my wife she is 100
we take that money out each money
no more no less
we dont look back

what im saying is
our income is set each year with no additional money expected coming in
well we ie i did get a 2.8% increase in my social security
enough to maybe pay for a meal at a restaurant each month

we are left at cutting our expenses
we are over budget by 4.7%

we could be like uncle sam and do deficit spending
raising up our national debt higher than expected
by using our credit cards each month to spend that 4.7%
of course theyll charge us a lot of interest for that money

we will just cut our expenses by that amount
at the end of the year
our national debt here at our home will be

now we could take money from our savings our iras to live a more expensive life
we are happy quite happy with the standard of living we have now
theres no reason to steal money away from our future when we get real old

so we wont
well tighten our belts slightly
we wont notice at all
we will be happy

why cant uncle sam do that
not by stealing money away from our medicare or our social security or our schools
maybe they could increase our nations income by cutting back on some of those tax breaks

when you look at that deficit graph you can see we were headed towards a smaller and smaller deficit then those tax breaks went into effect
it is starting to get larger and larger

i read where our president benefited by $20-40 million on the tax breaks he got from the new tax law
then looking at all those leaders on both sides of the aisle
all rich
all benefited greatly from the tax breaks

i suggest that uncle sam do like we do
maybe cut some expenses except they could try increasing their income
by increasing the taxes on folks like our major leaders and the top 1%

dont steal from us any more than you are now stealing from our kids futures with this huge deficit

my wife she and i are doing our part
why cant they

the organicgreen doctor

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