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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Thursday, October 11, 2018

dont get preexisted

will all of you please take off your political hats for a moment
whether its a red one or a blue one or a purple one
just take it off
read my blog today

this folks should be one of the top priority for all us
as we vote and approach the politicians

its preexisting conditions

now preexisted dont care
whom you voted for
what race you are
what sex you are
what your sexual orientation is
what your weight is
well it does on the weight thing since thats one way to get preexisted

if you are preexisted
well either you are going to pay more a lot more for healthcare
well you wont be able to get insurance at all

now if you are on medicare or medicaid or va care or military retirement
then you are probably safe from getting preexisted

well if you have medicare and didnt sign up on time for the supplement plans
you will im sorry to say get preexisted even now

i suggest you go look into your medicine cabinet
is there are any prescriptions in there
you my friend are preexisted

does you child have asthma
do they or have they ever used inhalers or breathing treatments
they are preexisted forever

my guess is there are very few of yall who arent preexisted

which means
you aint going to get covered for care for that condition ever not ever
if you do get covered you will be paying a lot for that coverage
an awful lot

we in our extended family have two young infant toddlers who are staring at major care over the next years maybe forever
they both of them are preexisted
forever im sorry to say

im sure their medical bills are well over a million dollars apiece
looking way into the future there will be more

i look at mr hs medicine cabinet
theres 5 prescriptions sitting there
they are taken some of them several times a day
those mean he will be always preexisted
his main health issue may not be his kidney failure
it may be his healthcare coverage

so im sure that all of you have stories of ill relatives like this

if the law on preexisting conditions get changed they are doomed financially forever
their health will be so affected like their finances

if the law on preexisting conditions gets changed my guess is that almost if not all of us are doomed financially forever
our health may be affected also
unless this preexisting condition thing is protected

basically getting rid of this preexisting protection allows the insurance companies to take your money for your health care coverage but not pay for anything thats preexisted

so when you hear this word coming from politicians
take off your hats
listen carefully
you my friend and your family are about to lose out
big time

dont let them preexist all of us

the organicgreen doctor

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