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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

nor a drop to drink

Image result for organicgreendoctor rainwater flood
ive been watching all the rain and flooding in the austin area with interest
years and years ago before all the lakes were made on the colorado river
austin would get flooded every so many decades so that it would wipe out
a lot of the city

this recent rain and flood would have been one of the worst ever but for all those dams and lakes and slower downer stuff that have done to the water

one of the lakes called lake travis provides almost all of the water for austin and the surrounding areas
if its low people start getting worried
they have to quit watering their lawns washing their cars cleaning their drives and sidewalks and there is a lot of talk about conserving that water

then when the lakes get full they sort of forget about it

now this flood its provided enough water more than enough water for several generations
the problem is its all running down the river eventually to be all dumped into the ocean

along with all that water is a lot of debris and junk
a friend whose inlaws have a place on the first lake in the lake series well their place got flooded
which is hard to believe that happened
the house was flooded on the first floor
i saw pictures where the water as it rose got higher and higher 
when the lake reached its peak
then the water eventually receded
there sitting on the top of their boathouse is this big old speed boat

that folks took a lot of water to do that
water that was really needed in that area
just not so fast would have been nice

it was needed
probably most of it is in the gulf now
a lot of destruction was left in its wake
several deaths occurred

in austin to get an idea of how bad the flooding is you watch the stevie ray vaughan statue on lady bird lake
if its covered up then it was a real bad flood
it wasnt all covered up

Image result for organicgreendoctor rainwater flood
so now austin who has been begging for more water for years
now they got it more than enough
the problem is they dont have enough
to make it worse it has to be boiled before you drink it
there is a city wide water restriction going on

say what you say
there is so much debris and contamination it has overwhelmed the citys ability to provide enough water potable water for folks to drink

so if you drink it do at your own peril
it needs to be boiled

plus they cant produce enough water in their plant for everyone in town

so yep after one of the worst floods maybe ever in austin
now they have water restriction

cant water your yard or trees
cant wash your car
cnat wash your sidewalk or driveway
cant fill up a pool or fountain or fish pond
inside they have asked to delay dish washing and clothes washing and to take shorter showers

now my wife she and i would have no issues since we live a water restricted lifestyle even though we dont have to do that

water water everywhere and nor a drop to drink

these are definitely crazy times arent they

the organicgreen doctor

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