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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

give me a stent

if you give a medication to a patient for long term use the compliance rate is only 45%
unless you are my wife she then the rate will be much lower
why she struggles with a five day zpack

the study that was written about treatment of heart disease compared getting stented or heart bypass vs just taking medications showed that the long term results were about the same no matter which way you go

now if you go to the er having a heart attack you are going to get stented or get bypassed to preserve the heart muscle thats getting damaged

this article was about lets say you go to the doctor with symptoms let say short of breath when walking or chest pain while walking or some of the other heart symptoms one has

you go in and get diagnostic testing that shows a blockage that one day will clot over or get worse

you can stent it or bypass it
you can take medications like statins and blood pressure medicines and do lifestyle modifications like diet exercise stop smoking

the end result of the outcome is about the same no matter which way you go

so which would i do if i had chest pain on exertion that was limiting my lifestyle

without blinking an eye
i want to be stented
its done
youre finished

knowing of course you will probably have to do those lifestyle things anyway i would still want to be fixed with a stent

i think my wife she would want to be stented since her chances of doing lifetime medications to prevent a heart attack is problem low

what would you do

read the article and think about it

in my thinking its like well i would sort of do both
well actually im already on all those medications treatments and lifestyle modifications anyway
my choice seems easy for me to make
get stented

the organicgreen doctor

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