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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

thats a big leak

when we lived at the country n near austin we were always sensitive if we heard the toilet singing meaning it was dripping water or losing water in the tank
if we heard an occasional drip drip of a faucet

i was always aggressive about fixing anything that oozed water

we depended on rainwater for all our water
washing dishes
it all would come out of our 30,000 gallon tanks of pure rainwater
it was not an endless supply
during the hot dry summer especially during the drought the levels would get low
i only had to buy water to be delivered twice
because i left a faucet on
drained two large tanks of all their water

so when i saw that article on how much water the city of austin was losing to leaks
i was shocked

i bet if they were on rainwater only they would fix them

even today we live here in santa barbara
we just turn on the faucet and out comes the water
thats all i have to do to get water
we still have that conserve water embedded in our dna after living off rainwater for so long
we dont waste any
no dripping faucets or singing toilets are allowed here

the body of water if you have ever been to austin that runs through the city
is really the colorado river
years ago before it was dammed up further north at several locations the river would flood the city of austin
the water level would go up and down
with the dams
it stays about the same all the time
after reading this linked article
i know why
its all filled up with that water that leaks from everywhere in austins water system

it seems lady bird lake or town lake holds about 3 billion gallons of water
about 6 billion gallons
thats how much gets leaked out of the pipes etc each year
wasted water
man could they have used all that water during the severe droughts that happened a few years ago
even the big lake travis got real low like 25% if im remembering that number correctly

that 6 billion gallons would fill up lady bird lake twice

maybe what the city should do is shoot some type of sealant you know like you do with a flat tire to seal up those leaks

that 6 billion gallons doesnt even count the water folks are wasting in their homes and landscapes

my guess its the same problem thats present everywhere in the us
its all about infrastructure
infrastructure thats another issue

im no longer sympathetic if i see austin folks complain about water restrictions
no sympathy at all

the organicgreen doctor

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