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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
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Friday, April 30, 2021

alzheimers news-changing a 4 to a 2


if i could have changed my 4 to a 2 i would do it no matter what it entails

whats a 4
whats a 2
whats a 3

its the apoe 4 gene
it is also called the late onset alzheimers gene
its involved in lipid metabolism in the body and especially in our case the brain

apoe 2 represents about 13% of you lucky ones with at least one copy of this gene
if you have just one copy of apoe 2 then you lower your risk of getting late onset alzheimers by 40%

apoe 3 represents most of yall not me

apoe 4 is found in about 25% of us
if you have one copy of apoe 4 you have a 2-3 times increased risk of getting late onset alzheimers 
the apoe 4 apoe 4 homozygous is found in about 2% of us and can increase the risk 12 times for getting late onset alzheimers disease

over 50% of the late onset alzheimers disease cases may be associated with this apoe 4 gene

those numbers vary somewhat based on what scientific article you read

basically you want the apoe 2 gene since it tends to protect you against getting late onset alzheimers
the apoe 3 gene will give you a milder version of the late onset alzheimers disease
the apoe 4 homozygous or double version apoe 4 apoe 4 makes it likely you will get late onset alzheimers 
not definitely but most likely 

so you want apoe 2 then if you cant have that one you want the apoe 3 then if you cant get that one you get stuck with the sucky apoe 4
if you feel real unlucky you get the apoe4 apoe 4 gene

these genes you inherit from you parents
you have no choice
you can get
apoe 2 apoe 2
apoe 2 apoe 3
apoe 2 apoe 4
apoe 3 apoe 3
apoe 3 apoe 4
apoe 4 apoe 4

these are listed from best to worse
any apoe 4 gene is worse than no apoe 4 gene 

scientists in new york have plans to take an adenovirus and place the apoe 2 gene in its genome
the virus will be injected into the cistern of the brain of folks like me who have the apoe 4 apoe 4 gene hoping to inject the apoe 2 gene into the cells of the brain to replace the sucky apoe 4 gene

these patients will all have mild cognitive impairment or early alzheimers and carry the apoe 4 apoe 4 gene

if it works then the apoe 2 gene will take over in the brain to offer some protection for the brain cells

fyi cisterns are pockets of spinal fluid in various parts of the brain
just imagine how they must get that needle or probe into the brain to inject those apoe 2 adenoviruses into the spinal  fluid


here is the link to the article about this
here is the link to the clinicaltrials.gov research study on it

its a phase 1 study of a limited number of folks
i dont qualify since i am about to enter the biogen aducanumab study 
i would do it though if i could

thats how you can change a 4 to a 2 to slow down alzheimers disease

if you have the apoe 4 gene like 15-25% of you do then you need to live a healthy life to counter the effects of having the apoe 4 gene
you could just have you cisterns injected with this adenovirus with apoe 2 dna in it

maybe lifestyle changes would be easier huh

the organicgreen doctor

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