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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

leave mitch alone


thats mitch mcconnell in a happier and younger looking photo
he is now 81 years old

he fell and hit his head and apparently had a concussion
he apparently recovered from this
he started staring off to some unknown spot
not responding to anyone 
suddenly he came back to life

now ive stared out before and my wife she has talked to me and i dont hear her
i was in a deep state thinking of something important
then i hear her talking and i respond to her

if she was a doctor she would say did you just have a petit mal seizure
or its called an absence seizure ie you are absent
click on the link to read about this one
its usually in kids
probably not what mitch had

leave him alone even if it was a petit mal or absence seizure
he would just need antiseizure meds and he would be fine
his testing could all be negative

he could have had a partial seizure
his testing could be negative
the treatment is antiseizure meds and he should be fine

he could have a tia or transit ischemic attack or ministroke
read the link to know more
his testing could be normal
the treatment is controlling risk factors and some would give him a baby aspirin to take

i have ocular migraines which can be a version of a tia
i take a baby aspirin once a day in case it its a tia
i also had a complete workup for this

the head injury he had could have triggered the staring spell if its a partial seizure
he might have just been bored and was thinking about walking his dog in the park
like me i just stare sometimes in the garden and look up at the mountains above the garden enjoying the peace and quiet

it wasnt that one
my guess its a partial seizure triggered from his head injury

if he came into my office with these symptoms i would refer him to a neurologist for a workup which would include 
a good thorough neurological and medical history and exam
some screening labs
an ekg
an eeg
an mri
maybe a carotid ultrasound

more than likely all these would be negative except for the history 
luckily a neurologist would have access to the videos of him staring

the diagnosis would probably be a partial seizure
the cause head injury 
the treatment  would be no treatment or antiseizure meds
leave him alone
quit picking on him for his age his gerontocity

like trump and biden you dont ask their age you ask are they doing their job
now i dont like the job that trump or mitch are doing but they seem ok to me
the same with biden

now with biden his speech issues are from a lifetime of problems with stuttering and his gait is from a peripheral neuropathy 
none means he cant do his job

so back to mitch 
leave him alone
hopefully he has had a complete workup and his folks arent lying about it 
you have to watch what they say 
they said there is no evidence of any problem
no sorry 
we saw his staring off into space for a few seconds
my money is on a partial seizure

leave him alone
let him do his job
if you dont like the job he is doing them vote him out of office

the organicgreen doctor

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