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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

try hiring staff


i hate using the self checkout machines
i like interacting with the checkout worker
over time you get to know them and they get to know you

when i use to go to cvs i usually had my favorite checkout person that i would interact with
i guess the pandemic hit
at our cvs we go to they sort of discourage you from using the real life person to checkout

now usually when i go to cvs its to get just one or two items so i usually zoom over and use the checkout machines
if they work right
half the time the checkout person ends up coming over to unlock the machine since its not working right

thankfully when i pick up my prescriptions i check out at the pharmacy and get to talk to a live person and not a machine that doesnt always work
you know old school like

there is a store i just have to go into sometimes that i always use the checkout machines since the staff are not friendly seem not competent so i just zip on through without talking to a human

one observation i made was it sure would be easy to just walk out the store and not pay and no one would probably say a thing
ok so i did that once at one unnamed store just to check out my theory
i did return it later 
no one said a thing

i am sure folks are walking out with stuff all the time 
raising their shrink rate they call it

this is a problem at lots of stores like walmart walgreens definitely cvs and home depot and probably lots of others

i read in some places that some cvs stores have armed guards with dogs that patrol the entrance
i probably wouldnt use that one if they did

one walmart is being redone so they are putting a police station inside the walmart
they should try adding competent checkout people instead of machines
checkout people that are well trained at a trader joes facility

my guess is trader joes has a low real low shrink rate
stealing from them would be like stealing from a family member

my solution for them is
hire more competent staff
send them to trader joes camp
limit the numbers of self checkout machines
112.1 billion dollars of shrink rate products are being stolen each year
that would pay for more staff

no wonder folks use amazon so much

my answer is
hire more staff

the organicgreen doctor

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