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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

fires, fall, football, thoughts


this is an image of the smoky fire over the skyline of austin
this smoke is from the largest of the fires that are burning around
the city of austin
this is the one that got rick perry to come back to texas
from the presidential race
guess he did not want to pull a george bush katrina snaffu

this fire is south of austin near the community of bastrop
this area is known for forests of old pine trees that nature
put in central texas and are not located anywhere else except
in eastern texas
the trees are igniting like they have gasoline poured on them
because of the high winds and low humidity it has been difficult
to fight this fire
it even jumped over the colorado river and continued on

most of the fires are in the hill country which is hilly and has a
lot of ravines
this is hard to get equipment and fire fighters in to fight these fires
most of the trees are cedar which like the pine trees near bastrop
ignite like they have gasoline on them

there is a large fire west of austin in the hill country and in the
northern part of the city
none of these fires are near containment
tonight the winds died down but today the winds will pick back up
some but not as bad
there also will be extremely low humidity in this area (<10 %) which
makes this all worse

a fire broke out again in the community where i was in practice
several homes were burned and people were evacuated to a local
high school for the night

just north of us is the largest military base in the world-ft hood texas
there is a large fire there also
the smoke from it was blowing over our house last night when the
wind shifted
the base is about 25 miles from our house
fire on a military base with all those munitions doesnt sound very good

hopefully some containment will happen today
we sure could use some rain

my rainwater tanks are real low so ive ordered water delivered

we missed two of the big rains in the last year because our tanks
were all disconnected when they happened and we are paying the
price for that today

the water company deliveries have been delayed by the fires and
the use of water in many of the water systems for the fires
hope we dont run out of water here
severe water restrictions are in order at the country n
rain please

the cool front has came through here and dropped the
temperatures from the 100s+ to the upper 80s
what a relief it is to have these cooler temps
its too bad it brought in the high winds and extremely dry air
which has made it worse for the wildfires

however my wife she and i are enjoying these temperatures
its so nice to open up the house to all of the fresh air and

will have to wear a light jacket this am when we go on our walk

just need rain

oded on football this weekend
but had no hangover

follow the horns and the hogs
sure wished they played each other every year
the horns are real young so will probably struggle some this year
but those young guys are talented

hogs will always have a rough season since they play in the sec
lsu, alabama, auburn, mississippi state, florida, georgia
thats a real rough schedule
so why would the aggies ask to be abused every year by joining
thats aggies for you

was very impressed by baylor this weekend
as they beat tcu in an exciting game
the qb rg3 was pretty impressive-think vince young as a pocket passer

cant wait for week two of college football
and for the start of the nfl season

our thoughts are with all of the hundreds of families affected by
these fires
if you pray pray for them
if you meditate meditate for them

the organicgreen doctor


  1. These fires are so scary. Bri, my daughter had a bag packed last night "just in case". She only went to sleep when I told her I would stay up until I knew the fires were under control. I hope Bastrop gets some relief today. - Jenn Gonzalez

  2. cmkm
    hope she got some sleep
    the bastrop folks arent getting any relief yet
    hope for rain

  3. We had one close to our house last night. We got packed up and ready to evacuate but thankfully it did not come to that. However, my sister in Bastrop is still waiting to hear if they have a home to return to. Our prayers are with everyone one affected. God bless our fire and emergency personnel. Hoping they get these fires contained soon.