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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, September 19, 2011

medal of honor-true hero, bernie review, football

everyone needs to watch this video of the new
medal of honor recipient
he is a true american military hero
there is no fake stuff or bs stuff
its all real
this is from the local kxan news station in austin
he at one time lived here

click here
to see the video and read the story about
dakota meyer

even his name sounds like a hero

we saw the movie bernie with jack black, matthew mcconaughey,
and grouchy old shirley macclaine
jack black was an undertaker who befriends a rich grouchy widow
shirley macclaine and matthew mcconaughey played a district attorney
its called a dark comedy
its is said to be one of jack blacks best works
after seeing it i agree that its one of his best acting jobs

its set in carthage texas
its written based on a true story and tried to stay as close to the
story as possible
richard linklater the director has had this in his brain for years and
teamed upped with texas monthly writer skip hollandsworth to write
the movie

if you are from the south you will probably understand this movie
much more than people from other parts of the country
although it was well received when shown in los angeles recently
enough to be picked up for release sometime early 2012

i laughed all the way through the movie and laughed all the way
home and am laughing some as i think about it while im writing

the movie was mainly filmed in bastrop texas
the site of the most recent fires that devasted the area
many of the locations and areas where scenes were filmed have
been totally destroyed
richard linklater the director of the movie lives some in bastrop
the  homes around his were destroyed and some of his property
was damaged also
he grew up in carthage and the longview area and loved bastrop
because of the pines that are just like east texas
he is quite saddened by the destruction

all proceeds from this screening were donated to the bastrop fire
a lot of organizations and celebrities donated to the cause
a lot of firefighters from bastrop were there and received a large
round of applause

my nephew he of the rainwater tank fame was our hero in his scene
as the injured teenager lifted up my jack black
a star is born

would give this movie 2 thumbs up
enjoyed linklaters unique way of telling the story
know my white on white relative will love this movie
watch for it in 2012
plan to watch it at the alamo drafthouse here in austin when it
comes out next year
great place for this movie

those cowboys will try to steal your heart if you let them
dang cant they just beat the heck out of someone and get it
over with
sure glad they won that one
it would be cowboy romo trashing all week if they had lost
keep it going boys

horns a young team showed great promise for the future in
their win against ucla
think they have their
running back
tight end
wide receiver
they will all only get better as the season progresses
they will get tested though with their next three games
well see how ready all these young guys are

note this could be decision week for conference realignment
??big 12 vs pac ++ vs acc vs independent
should be interesting

hogs will find out how good they are this weekend when they
play alabama
should be one of the best games on this weekend

the organicgreen doctor


  1. I agree, should be a good game!

  2. The Medal of Honor coverage brought tears streaming down my face. Wish more young men had honor, courage, ethics and morals as that young man. This world would be a better place..... and he gave all the credit right back to the men he serves with.... what a true HERO!!!!!