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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

texas katrina fire, she aint dead

there are 3 major fires around the austin area
the spicewood fire is over 6000 acres and is starting to get contained
the steiner ranch fire is over 50 % contained and residents are
being allowed back in to view their homes

this is a photo of the bastrop fire
its the texas katrina fire

it has been burning out of control now for 5 days
it is 0 % containment
it has become a os fire
limited resources were applied to it and as the winds increased
the fire has grown out of control
many local fire departments were busy fighting local fires
in their areas and had few resource that could be used
for the bastrop fire

so many fires have happened at one time in texas that there are
limited resources available to fight these fires
so the fire had continued at its own pace without abatement

above is a weather radar image of the fire

finally crews are coming from experienced firefighting areas like
and these planes finally showed up to help
the state and federal government has started throwing more
resources on this fire

i rarely agree with rick perry but i do agree when he said
if there is equipment available some where i dont care who
it belongs too it needs to be used

maybe they could put some black duct tape over that red tape
to get er done

hopefully now that more equipment and firefighters and more
government resources are applied to these fires some control
can be made of the worsening bastrop fire

on a personal note we are totally safe here at the country n
the fires are 25 miles north and 20+ miles south of us
hopefully no winds will start back up again
which would only restart everything over again

there is a tropical storm developing in the southern gulf at
about the same place where td lee arose from

wouldnt that be something if a hurricane like hermaine from
last year would develop and dump lots of rain on the bastrop
could we be so lucky
stay tuned

this is from a local austin news website kxan.com
a lady near here tried to get credit to buy a travel trailer
she paid to get her credit report
she was denied the loan because she was dead
that is
according to the three major credit bureaus
she couldnt get the loan until she proved she wasnt dead

shes a big women and she appeared to be breathing and talking
that should mean something to someone somewhere in control that
she wasnt dead
nope wasnt enough

she finally got the chase bank people to admit that someone had
made a data entry error that she was dead

her hopes for a loan for the trailer died after all that

the organicgreen doctor

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