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Monday, March 26, 2012

healthcare law

i have always been an advocate for a single payer system for
health care
heck if you are in the va system or the military you sort of have
one now and have for years
if the healthcare law hadnt been enacted the price of our health
insurance would have gone up 
opponents claim that the new law was the reason why our rates 
went up 
dont think so 
it was going to happen anyway

if you are on medicare or medicaid you are on a system that
is almost a single payer system 
that despite what you hear works fairly well
they actually do a fairly good job of controlling the cost of medicine
we do waste so much

ive seen health care from all sides
i worked in high school at a local hospital as an aide with other 
students and worked through college in the emergency room as 
an emergency room technician
i worked 3 years after residency fulfilling a national health service 
obligation as a private practitioner
then worked over 25 years as a family practitioner

now im retired and am seeing the side from the perspective of 
a patient
dont like this side at all
theres deductibles non covered services copays non covered 
providers etc

when in high school i wrote a paper on enacting a national health
insurance in favor of it and have always felt we needed one
were the only industrialized country in the world without one
there is a great uneveness to our system we have

if you work in the system you know what im talking about
if you are on medicaid or medicare or god forbid have no insurance
just try to get certain health care done 
wont happen

the health care law is a step that way in the right direction
you know we pay for all this uncovered care one way or another
yes our system has the best available medical care in the world
but its not available to everyone and
we have one of the worst record of health care results in the major
industrialized countries

we do need more
heck we talking about contraception a battle fought 50 years ago 
im sure the rest of the world is laughing at us 
i know i am

your 25 year old can now get health insurance on your policy
if you dont believe in the new law dont let them on it

your insurance has to pay for your mammogram and pap and 
other preventative care without copays
if you dont believe in the new law pay cash for yours
im not paying for mine

if your child has a preexisting condition and you lose your job
and try to get him or her insurance now they cant carry forward
that preexisting condition
soon that will extend to all adults
if you dont agree with the new law then just get your insurance
with that preexisting condition and pay for your childs asthma attack

yes i agree with the law  though more needs to be done
just look at your own situation and see if the new law is already 
helping you
bet it is 

if you are in the military on military retirement in the va system on medicare
medicaid or on certain government plans you are already on a federal
national plan and really shouldnt be involved in opposing this plan
as you are already on a national insurance
apparently that eliminates over 50% of us

if you dont agree with it then just drop your insurance coverage and 
go without it
youll pay and then well have to pay

i hope the supreme court leaves this law alone
it was long overdue
more needs to be done

from a taxpayer, physician, and patient

the organicgreen doctor


  1. I recently had to pay for most of my annual physical, despite my insurance cover claiming it covered this 100%. That was because they also claimed that it was not coded as preventive, but my healthcare provider insisted it was. After six weeks of back and forth and demands for payment, I gave up and paid. I support the health care law totally, but have no faith in insurance companies - and when it comes down to it, there was nothing I could do about the coding.

    1. aideen
      the provider or their office probably did not put down the proper code for a physical. sometimes insurance companies are picky if another code is added for other things eg high blood pressure that gets coded with the physical code. thats probably what happened
      good luck

  2. Awesome article. Wish it would be picked up nationally. More people need to see what does and what could happen without reform. Thanks. Meg

  3. 100% will join the ranks of single-payer Medicare when age (65) eligible. The same government system covered my dad when he served in and retired from the military. America's finest - right? Will someone please help me understand how the Affordable Health Reform Act is different?

    1. anon
      we cant afford a cadillac system for everyone but we might be able to afford a ford system
      our system is such a mixture of different systems that there is a lot of waste going on
      if we go backwards we wont ever improve our system
      just like going back on contraception
      all progess will be lost