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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

women war, primary

why is there this war on womens health
i find it disturbing
this contraception issue i thought was settled years ago

first there are more women than men in the us
and as people age the women to men ration gets higher
so if you are a politician you sure dont wont to tick off
the women

these are issues that transcend politics religion wealth social status
well thats not quite true since the poor are affected the most

i practiced medicine for 30 years and almost all my catholic patients
used contraception
well i got their insurance to pay for it because they used it for
menses control or dysmenorrhea painful periods and not for
birth control wink wink

why this attack on women and womens health
rush is finding out thats not a good thing
those women will go after you
granted he was very inappropriate
bet he doesnt get any for a long time now
hes lost a lot of sponsors
they are hitting him in the pocket book where it has its
greatest effect

contraception prevents pregnancy
which prevents unwanted pregnancy
which prevents abortions

are we becoming a contraception third world country
sure seems we are

many of my patients utilized heath clinics and the family planning
clinics for their womens health care as it was cheaper for them to
get it there
they got their breast exams pelvic exams pap smears mammograms
and their prescriptions through these clinics

the years i practiced i did have women have abortions
a tough decision for them to make
none ever used a family planning clinic for this
but used it for their female care

now the funding is being jerked for these clinics
especially in texas
we already lead the nation in teenage pregnancies
things will not get better
were number one but its not football
dont be proud of that

women war
ive been married over 30+ years
i know when not to p%$$ my wife off
or ill pay for it big time

the politicians are p%$$ing women off
they will pay for it this fall in the elections
dont mess with women

mitt just cant get that knockout punch he needs to make
the other candidates quit running
well ron pauls not going to quit

mitt is going to be wore out before he gets to the
real presidential race
obama is loving this im sure since hes not spending any money
and the republican candidates are beating each other up

as soon as mitt can get enough delagates then hell
probably turn back to his moderate side where he needs
to be if he is going to won

saw a picture on facebook of the romney kids with large letters
on their shirts
they were to line up in a row with ms romney with an r on her shirt
to spell his name ROMNEY
the o and the m got out of place
as they lined up
they spelled R  MONEY

that is probably one of his biggest problems in this election
his money
but you have to have a lot of it to win nowadays

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. “We don’t have any of these University women in Perry County, but I’ll tell you what we do up there when one of our women starts poking around in something she doesn’t know anything about. We get her an extra milk cow. If that don’t work, we give her a little more garden to tend to. And then if that’s not enough, we get her pregnant and keep her barefoot.” Arkansas Representative Paul Van Dalsam’s fateful 1963 quote, ending his political career (some women voted in their bare feet) and launching the creation of the “Barefoot and Pregnant” and “Uppity Women” awards: the first to Van Dalsam-like obstructionists, the latter to honor women’s rights activists. I know what reward Rush has coming. Proud to be an Uppity Woman