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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

rain water heaven, however dont drown turn around

i am in heaven
thats rain water heaven
if you are  are a rain water connoisseur then you
know exactly what i mean

we got over 5 inches of rain here last night
i knew when i got up this morning that we
had got enough rain to fill up my tanks
i knew because i could hear the roar of the
river a quarter of a mile from our house

(little did i know that that river almost made a
devastating capture of several lives-see below)

when i went out to look at my tanks i was so
for there was water oozing from the overflow pipes
on every one of my water tanks
that means they are full and cant hold no more

since we have put in all of my tanks and have had
them properly hooked up they have not all been
full before
at least not since we entered the drought

my calculations are that we have about 15 months of
water left without any rain
surely there could not be a drought that bad

heck even the lakes are expected to rise a few feet
with this rain as this time it fell in the right places

then it dawned on me that if it rained again that
i would not capture any of the rain and it would
just run off into the landscape and into that
cave under our property i always dream about

if you are a rain water connoisseur then you know
what this picture is all about

we see this all the time and hear it on tv all the time
dont drown turn around
but people dont listen

my wife she and i understand that urge to not turn around
but we have decided that we will always stand up to
that urge

here is  a low water area on the highway near our house
(those of you who know where we live its the area between
the white country church and the entry to the cemetery)

its the one that has prevented my wife she and i from
going to work sometimes
yesterday it prevented my wife she from going to work

here is picture of the water level sign
see that piece of debris at 4 feet
thats where the water level went to last night

sometime at about 100 am a mother and her three kids
were driving down the road and hit this water
(dont know if they had the barrier up yet)

guess i cant be critical of her for going through there
it was stormy lightning and raining hard
she probably couldnt see where she was going
(early on they dont put up the barriers)
those of us who live out here know not to drive there
when it rains hard
she didnt know as she was from a city 3 hours away

once it rained hard one night for a few hours
i for some reason did not realize it had rained that much
and took off to work in my small car
as i drove through this area i did not see the water on the
road as it was dark
when i hit the water i felt my car momentarily
start to float then
my front wheels hit the pavement and gripped and
pulled me forward
i had a moment of terror hit me
you know you sweat and your heart rate goes up

i can not imagine the horror that that mom and her 3 kids
felt as the water swept them off the road and down the
creek now a raging river spinning around for 3 quarters of
a mile to get lodged against two trees
the car a small suv took in water up above the side mirrors

the mom managed to crawl up on the roof of the car with her
three kids and then called 911
she had no idea where she was
then she lost phone contact (she must have had att)
one of our neighbors could hear them yelling but couldnt
locate where they were because of the rain and storm and
here is where they were

(the pink and white item on the roof is one of the girls
small tennis shoe)
eventually the rescuers found then after an hour
but could not reach them as the water was 4 feet higher
than in this picture

her and the kids had to sit on that roof in the cold rain with
lightning and high winds for a total of 3 hours
they were all huddle together on top of that roof with the
rushing dirty cold water at their feet

they had to call in a high water rescue team who arrived and after
two hours were able to rescue all 4 of them

when you read this and if you are like me when i wrote this and
saw the car i got chills all over


the organicgreen doctor

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