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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

im sorry


i would like to apologize personally to any of you who
ever had a problem getting forms completed at my office
prescriptions refilled questions answered appointments made
referrals done

you see ive gone to the other side
no i didnt change political parties
since im now a patient i have now entered your world
and its not fun sometimes

i think that all medical schools and residency programs
should make all their students and residents become
patients for awhile so they would develop some sensitivity
as to what its like to be one
not fun at times

when i was a resident they did a sensitivity training where all the
male residents had to lay on a exam table and put our legs in
stirrups with the exam door open and stay that way while
people walked by and looked in at you
yes we had our clothes on
it worked though
i did develop a sensitivity for that part of a females experience

wish we had done one to be a patient though and all it entails

again i repeat im sorry

heres the story
one good thing since ive retired and i dont know if its my diagnosis
or if its my medication aricept (donepezil) that i take for possibly
having alzheimers disease i dont ever get mad at anyone or anything
well i do get mad at the cowboys longhorns and razorbacks

since im on medical disability from my diagnosis i have to get
annual paperwork completed by my neurologist to maintain
my coverage
thats when i enter your world now my world

first let me say that i sent my forms to my neurologist
it took longer for the us mail to get them to dallas than
it did for the neurologist to take the forms complete them
and send them to my insurance company
she did her job and did it well

i will admit that i use to hate doing forms
in fact my nurse did most of them for me
i reviewed them and then signed them

i do regret not having more sensitivity to those patients
especially those with disability insurance claims both short term
and long term that affected their livelihood
the sports form i usually would do fairly quickly

im sorry though to the rest of you

i think thats why i suffered through a 3 hour ordeal yesterday
trying to track down my forms

first i sat down and reviewed all my paperwork to make sure i
had sent it all in correct
and had completed my part

usually i receive a phone call in a few days and a copy back
to me but this time it didnt happen

so phone call to neurology office
push one for english and two for spanish
listen to our menu for it may have changed
if this is an emergency call 911
heck i almost called 911 before this was all over with
listen to 4 choices
now which one is the right one for me so i just stayed on the line
some one answered what do you need told her then was put
on hold for 4 minutes listening to good music but it had a
bad scratching sound like a finger down a chalkboard
that was a long 4 minutes

then a person finally came on the line who im sure had a line of
people waiting to talk to her
told her my story
no she said they must have not received it if they had it would
be entered
you need to just send them back in to us again
no way you can kma if im doing that again

she was going to end it there but i was persistent and got her
to agree to send a message to the nurse to call me back

yep should have played my doctor card but i didnt

sure hated to do that leave a nurse message as i knew how
that worked
they only call when you are napping are on the toilet or someway
stepped away from the phone no matter how short of time it is
then you call back and you get to do this all over again

finally i called medical records
had to do all this over again
push 1 or 2 for language of choice
listen to our menu blah blah blah
punched one and punched one
told him my story and he said yes we have your stuff but
its from the insurance company and they have to pay $45 to send
the stuff off
i knew then that something was wrong
bet he wishes he had not answered my call
so after 15 minutes with him he admits he has all 6 pieces of paper
and the neurologist filled them out not soon after she got them
again she did her job well

well sir you have to sign a special roi thats release of information from
us as we cant accept the insurances roi and well need our money
first to get it release
and your insurance is responsible for paying that
but they have to pay us first
not good that took 3 months last year and a trip to dallas to
get this all straightened out

so the plan was i had to fill out this form and fax it to them
then i could call and give them credit card info and they will
mail it to the company
i   would not ever see that money for sure refunded
and i have 2 days to get all this to nebraska

what a mess this is
it shouldnt be this hard now days with our electronic medical record
and emails and texting and tweeting

now after two hours on the phone most of it on hold
i called the agent who handles my claims
you got it
push 1 or 2 for your language
listen to the menu as it may have changed
blah blah blah
if you know your parties extension push it now or listen to our menu
of extension numbers
pushed that one and then theres everyones voice mail came on one
at a time
luckily for me my guys name started with a c and was number 10
what happen to nice friendly operators anyway

yep got a voice mail
ive stepped away from the desk so please leave me a detailed message
i did but didnt say what i wanted to say
you &%^$# &^(*@)(*%$##)@!$% cant you do any of this right


but i didnt as i thought of that movie where the guy sent back his 
pancakes because they werent cooked right
oh the things that was done to those pancakes before he got
them back with a big smile
yep when i want to go off on someone i always remember that

you always wait until you get what you want then go off on them

finally after 3 hours i get a phone call from the agent
yes we have your forms and your claim has been continued
into the future

so yes the neurologist got them and sent them off
yes they are in my record
how they ended up in medical records is  mystery to all involved
why the insurance company has to pay for the forms is not known
they dont and i dont

what a waste of my time and everyone involved

yes im sorry
they my office may have put you through all this in the past

sometimes i dont like the other side very much

the organicgreen doctor

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