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Monday, November 19, 2012

its not nascar, bumblebee football

in the us nascar is king but in the world grand prix formula one
racing rules
its like american football then theres world soccer

over 500 million people watched the formula one race
yesterday in austin texas on a cloud free sunny day
the inaugural race here

a total of near 120,000 filled the cirucit of the americus here
to watch the race
a total of 300,000 for the three days

here is a picture that was sent to me after i wrote about
zoom zoom last week

once on the 130 toll with its 85 mph speed limit and the
other on the speed of the formula one cars
some one said that what impressed them was the speed
that these car do in the straightaways

we were given grandstand seats for saturday
price $1000 each
we actually gave them away to two teenage kids who
are friends
what a day those two had there
after the race there there was a concert country western of
course to get people to hang around so that the numbers
leaving the track would not be as heavy

downtown they had a fun fest that was a success
my wife she and her fearless friend went in the mass of people
saturday night
sixth street was packed-if youve been to austin you know that street
what she noticed was there were so many foreign languages spoken
the crowds were not rowdy just a lot of fun
almost polite

the traffic was apparently well controlled
i guess with 500 buses hauling people back and forth that
helped a lot and helicopters

of course in austin some people biked there
they even had special lanes for the bikers
only in austin

now the airport is packed as people from all over the world
return to their countries
with a good impression of this area
heck one of the formula one race drivers decided to buy a
large ranch while he was here he liked it so much

what a great weekend for austin texas as it presented itself to
the world
more people were watching than were watching football yesterday

austin is ready for next year
maybe ill keep that ticket next year


how embarrassing is it for those pittsburgh steelers to wear those
dang bumblebee uniforms
looks like they belong in a honey commercial
while some one sings the song buzz bobby buzz bobby

now that they lost last night maybe theyll retire those outfits

dang those cowboys they looked so bad but they won
guess thats what counts
wish they wouldnt mess with their fans like that

thanks baylor for beating kansas state
youve ticked them off for the rest of the season
especially when they play the longhorns

if i could pay to go watch one team this year
if i had a choice
i would go watch the washington redskins just to watch
rg3 do his magic
every time i see him play on tv it makes me sick that
the longhorns missed out on him when they tried to recruit
him as an athlete
im sure he was insulted
he paid texas back though the last two years he played them
yep rg3 is the real deal
lebron and rg3 are the two athletes i would like to see live
(well actually i have seen both live)

the organicgreen doctor


  1. I would love to know the bottom line of revenue brought into the Austin area due to the races..... ticket sales, car rentals, bus rides, helicopter rides, taxi services, hotel rooms, drinks/food at venue, racing merchandise sold in and out of venue, increase in restaurant sales, sight seeing and entertainment around Austin's hot spots.

    If tickets were $200 (and we know some went for a lot more) it raked in $23,400,000 in ticket sales alone.

    1. well worth the investment the city and other governments made
      plus all the jobs that were created

  2. Hey Doc, If you like Zoom, Zoom and TX 130 watch the two videos on this site of a Hennessey Camaro and Caddy.

  3. As a lifelong Steelers' fan, I couldn't agree more. Get rid of the stripes!!!

    1. since they got stung last night maybe theyll quit wearing them