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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

todays the day


well the people have spoken
in dixville notch new hampshire at least
their ten voters voted just after midnight
obama 5 romney 5

im afraid that dixville notch new hampshire may be right on
for the popular votes this year
it could be one of those 50/50 elections

i voted earlier 1 week ago and my wife she will
vote first thing this morning when our polling place
opens at 700 am
no she will not be canceling my vote out but
we will be canceling some of your votes out
well at least two

it is disturbing to me that some of our states have made
it difficult for people to vote and to early vote
as shown in florida this weekend
it even took a court order in some places to keep those
early voting places open
i would think that florida would not want any more
blemishes on their voting procedures

heck those politicians who tried to limit voting looks like
they also limited some of their own parties voters

just like you dont tick off your wife when shes cooking for you
(you never know what could happen to that  food)
you dont tick off the voters by affecting their ability to vote
its a right that we have in our past history fought so hard
to establish and maintain

i hope it comes back to haunt them in future elections

here in the county where austin is located you can go to
any polling place and vote even if its not in your precinct
what a novel idea
so if youre stuck at work and cant get home through all
that traffic you can vote anywhere

yes dont restrict anyones right to vote whether they agree
with you or not

my prediction is based on watching balanced news shows and
looking at polls and not taking into account each parties polls
which are skewed to favor them

the popular vote will be close
its possible with the hurricane sandys effect in the northeast
causing problems with voting that romney could win the
popular vote and lose the electoral vote

obama will win the electoral vote by a narrow margin
as the polls all lean towards him in most of the battleground

congress will end up with the senate staying democratic by a
narrow margin
the house will stay about the same

the result may be
more gridlock

if so this gridlock thing is a bad thing
and nobody will really win tomorrow
we will all lose

i sure hope not

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. It is 10:35 PM on election day. I will not be calling in sick in the morning.