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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

it wasnt aspergers


when i heard about the shootings in connecticut i heard the
newscaster say that the shooter had aspergers
i thought oh no now they are going to start saying that
aspergers caused him to shoot those kids
here we go
you know how the news media can really distort things

those of us who have taken care of these kids and adults
know that violence is not part of their nature

im surprised that its not since they are the ones that
get bullied a lot in the schools
you know im correct
you know kids whove had this disorder and who are
bullied a lot at schools

aspergers (which is being changed to autism spectrum disorder)
are a higher functioning form of autism
my wife she calls them little professors
they are some of her favorite students

some have said that michael dell bill gates thomas jefferson
sir isaac newton hans christian anderson etc has/had a form of aspergers
dont know if thats true or not

but many have a super high intelligence and can have
amazing abilities in certain areas such as math remembering dates
remembering freeway exits music skills etc

many of my pediatric patients with autism or apergers fathers
seemed to be in the computer industry and were programmers or
computer engineers for dell amd ibm and other computer companies

when i would see the fathers as patients you could see some of the
aspergers characteristics in them

so no they are not a violent group of people

when i heard he had aspergers i thought to myself
he has something else wrong with him besides aspergers
that im sure will eventually come out when more
information is released on his mental health care

my blogging buddy who writes about her asperger kids
in her blog confessions of an aspergers mom
wrote a good blog yesterday and has a good reference
on thoughts on the subject
click here for the link to her blog

litlle dylan he was shot in the sandy hook killings had
autism and died in the arms of the aide who helped
him in his classes
she was one of his favorite people

so no being aspergers had nothing to do with this killing
except his other mental issues along with maybe being
bullied all his life may have pushed him over the edge

it wasnt aspergers
lets stay away from that idea
those guys are stigmatized enough as it is

the organicgreen doctor


  1. Here's a very good article you might want to read.


    1. thanks ronnie
      i had seen that earlier and read it
      some parents live a stressful life with their kids
      we all do at times