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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

this isnt right, im on Ls side

i grew up in a rural part of arkansas and went to
a small a real small high school
it wasnt unusual to have trucks in the parking lot with
rifles on racks behind the seats
not loaded of course
in the back you might find machetes like in sling blade axes
saws hatchets etc
we were not worried about any of that
it was part of our lives

i recently looked in my car
in my console was  a bottle of tylenol generic of course

in the trunk of my car was
a hatchet

two different box knifes

a large hand saw for pruning trees

an axe it was dull of course

two large screw drivers


a large framing hammer thats heavy and imposing looking

that i guess if you pushed it all could be called weapons

so if i had gone to Ls school the day that all this started
the drug dog would have hit on my car
the police or whoever that was would have searched my
car without my permission of course
i would have probably been arrested and taken to jail
and would have been on the local news

local retired doctor visiting school arrested for drugs and
for a cache of weapons

(those were some of my habitat for humanity tools i use
to help build houses as a volunteer)

but the laws the law or is it

that didnt happen to me
but something like that did happen to one of my former
patients that ill call L

L is a high school student
a model student
never in trouble
he is a good academic student
im sure hes one of the better kids at that rural school of 900
students thats all 12 grades

(my sons school had 2400+- just in 9-12 grades)

he is involved in ag at school and is up early every morning
every day of the year to care for his animals
and every night works in his barn with his animals
every day of the year

he has never been in trouble

his dad is a farmer and L helps him on the farm
they share a truck together that is used to haul stuff
about the farm
who knows what could be in that truck on any given day
just like my car

on that fateful day L drove the truck to school after doing
his chores with the animals that morning
went inside to school with no idea of what was going to
happen to him
unjustly if you ask me

it was drug dog day
the dog hit on Ls truck
maybe it would be a big drug bust
coke mj met oxy maybe

no under his front seat was an expired bottle of zicam

a worthless otc med if thats what you want to call it
that really has nothing in it that really helps
it has a little bit of zinc but not even enough to help

does L get busted now for having drugs on campus

now his truck was searched
behind his seat was his dads sheathed machete
that was used to clear brush on their farm

(im glad my wife didnt drive my car to her school when the
drug dog came by their school
she would like l have been busted for having habitat tools
and tylenol and who knows what would have happened to her)

so heres what happened to L
for having the worthless zicam and for the machete his dads
that L had no idea was there
he was expelled from school and was sent to the disciplinary
school for the rest of the semester

appeal was done

i thought about his story a lot after the connecticut events
but i still side with L and his family in all of this

you have to look at the environment a rural school farming
community a model student with a logical explanation for
what was in his truck

somewhere common sense has to be used sometimes
this was one of those times
we all know that discretion is used in all occupations
and even schools when things occur

one reporter wrote it was not zero tolerance but
zero common sense

someone went too far with this
the community seems upset over this
they all know it could have been one of their kids

yes im on his side

the organicgreen doctor


  1. TOGD, I am on L's side too. Society has gone too far. In reality anything can be used as a weapon, if you are trained to use it as such. Most people have the common sense to not do bad things for fear of what mom or dad will do if they get caught doing something wrong.

    1. theres nothing like common sense
      its too bad theres not much of it around

  2. I agree with you and Organic Cowboy. The rigidity of these school policies is just inappropriately extreme. I hope this does not affect this young man's future. University admissions committees will need detailed explanations in his case.
    Remember what Mark Twain once wrote:
    "In the beginning, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then He made school boards."

  3. the superintendent(sp?) used to be the principal at temple high school and he didn't last long there. i think he went to some school district in west texas, so i guess he has surfaced again in rogers.

    1. a recycled superintendent sometimes is the worst ones