welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Friday, December 21, 2012

last day


so far so good
were still here today

today is the two year anniversary of my diagnosis of
mild cognitive impairment amnestic type thats thought
to be due to alzheimers disease

at the time it felt like the end of the world but it wasnt
then either

in two years there has been little change
im still on aricept (donepezil) since this may be alzheimers
and its the only treatment available to slow the symptoms

that and taking care of my health with diet exercise staying
mentally active maintaining  adequate sleep when i can
maintaining a normal blood pressure maintaining a normal
cholesterol and staying active generally

im still able to do all the things i enjoy except of course
practicing medicine

i do this daily blog and communicate with folks from across
the united states and the world

my wife and i have traveled a lot the last two years
visiting california several times utah arizona new mexico
colorado arkansas memphis tennessee nashville tennessee and

i stay active at my country n maintaining my ten acres
and doing my organic green garden

i volunteer once or twice a week building habitat for humanity
houses and volunteer delivering meals on wheels to seniors
one day a week

i also have given talks on alzheimers (feel free to ask for one
if you know a group that whats to hear one) and have some
planned this next year

i also contribute frequently to the alzheimers association
discussion groups online answering peoples questions or
giving them advise as one with the disease one who has
family members with the disease and one who has
treated the disease as a physician

i also have had three teams in the walk to end alzheimers here
in this area and am on the committees that organize the walks

we hope to add another team in southern arkansas for its
first walk next year as our family has been hit hard with
this terrible disease

i am a study subject in the largest and most important alzheimers
research study that has and is being done called the
alzheimers disease neuroimaging initiative (adni) study
(click here to read about it)

because of this study i have been able to receive all the newest
studies that are currently being done to diagnose this disease
genetic studies blood biomakers volumetric mris fdg glucose
metablolism pet scans beta amyloid pet scans spinal fluid analysis
for beta amyloid and tau protein and neuropsychological tests

all of which allow me to know where im at with this disease

i have been able to stay in contact with many of my former
patients via this blog email facebook and twitter

so yes im busy and contented

here is the blog i wrote the day i was diagnosed
i read it occasionally with a teary eye
it helps me stay grounded

'this is my last day to work as a physician
i always considered myself lucky to have been able to
do in life what i wanted to do since i was a middle schooler

in high school i was able to work in a local hospital in the
summer on weekends and during holidays
our family was poor so not only did i get financial benefit from
working but i also was exposed to a lot in the hospital setting
it made me know that i wanted to be a family physician

during college i worked as a emergency room technician
on weekends, weeknights, and holidays
this also gave me financial support but also exposed me to
different doctors and different emergency situations

i was accepted to medical school but never wavered on what
kind of doctor i wanted to be
a family physician

i was accepted to a family practice residency
after completing my residency i owed the federal government
three years to work at an approved federal undeserved area

i was able to create with some help a site in  the small
town near where i grew up       i  worked there for three years
although traumatic at times it was a learning experience that i
carried through out my career

after fulfilling my three year obligation and after sustaining a
large financial hit from my involvement with the local clinic
i was recruited to the area where i am working now
thanks to my medical school friend for helping me out in
my time of need

i have worked for 25 years as a family physician
i always wanted to be one

now it is time i have to quit not because i want to but
because a genetic health problem has risen its nasty head
and because of this i will have to discontinue what i like to do

i do not ever dread going to work every day
i feel like i have now just gotten good at what i do

i realize that patients dont necessarily need all of the new
medications we have, the new tests we can do or need
the newest treatments available

they do better if you just listen to them, pat them on the
shoulder, be kind to them and be their advocate when
they need it

i have honed my skills in taking care of kids over my career so
that many of the kids have felt comfortable seeing me and look
forward to seeing me to get a sticker or sucker, hear my
duck voice, or have me joke with them
that part i will miss a lot

thanks to all my patients in the past for allowing me to fulfill
my dream of being a family physician
i hope i have done you a good job

thanks to my wife she for putting up with me during
my quest for my career
know shes found hers now

love yall
the organicgreen doctor'


  1. You are a beloved Doctor. Our family loves you and supports you 100% We will pray for healing in your body. I KNOW my God is bigger than heal issues. I've seen too many people healed. Please don't hesitate to call if there is anything we can do for you guys... even if you just need a hug around the neck from some cute little boys! They are you biggest fans! Thank you for all you've done for our family! We love you!
  2. OMgoodness this makes me so sad! You were the one doctor I could get my knuckle head husband to come in and see! We will miss you but plan on keeping in touch via this blog. You better not retire from that!

    Blessings in your future. Enjoy your time and savor every moment.
  3. maybe he is headed in the right direction
    the blog is now my job
    hope to do it as long as i can
    also will be involved with the alzheimers association and with the alzheimers research study
    enjoy your blog
  4. I'll miss you. You've been my doctor since forever. Helping me with my asthma and Heart problems. Everything. (Man it'll be different with out the donald duck voice). I'll hope for the best for you.

    Sincerely, well... I hope you can guess who i am. and if not than oh well.
  5. Dr Nash you will be missed greatly! You have entertained the kiddos for the past 9 years or so. We wish you the best with the study and pray for you.
  6. Our family is sorry to hear this news, and you will be missed as our family physician. We wish you the best, and hope for a bright and hopeful future for you and your family.

    Take care, and many thanks,
    The Fousek family
  7. Dr. Nash ~ There were so many directions you could have taken in your life. You chose to serve and to heal with honesty and integrity and love. In so doing, you have blessed the lives of many. You have a bright future waiting for you. The coming years Here will be increasingly difficult. It may not seem fair that you should suffer after having helped so many through their suffering. However, there is a purpose for our trials. We simply need to remember we are little children and that our Father loves us dearly.
  8. Dr. Nash, Our family has been blessed to have you as our doctor for over 10 years. You are beyond gifted and have helped see us through medical needs and emotional ones as well. To say that Brice, Mady and I will miss you greatly is a vast understatement. You were a blessing to us.

    Thoughts and Prayers,

    Heather, Brice, and Madison Merritt
  9. Unfortunately I am lost for the right words and none of them seem to have any flow. Our family would like to thank you for all you have done. You never missed a beat. You are already missed in our world. We look forward to following you on your blogs. Craig, Jaclyn, Alexis, Garrett (Mr Incredible), & Madison.
  10. You know the Bell's can't say enough great things about you! You have been such a great support system with the foster/adoption process of our girls and they love you dearly! We also love the way you are so personable with all your patients. You truly show how much you care. Your a true blessing!

    Now knowing you are living green, you may see future posts from me. We are very interested in becoming a green family, but don't know where to start.

    Take care, Dr. Nash! We all love you and send a huge hug your way!

    The Bells
  11. mr g incredible and family
    thanks for comments
    will miss seeing yall
    it was fun when you came in

    knd and girls
    will blog on what you can do to be green
    in the am
    d keep us save
    k hang in there
    im actually doing ok

    hbm replied to you in a previous blog
    b dont be so serious
    m dont ever dye that hair
    h hang in there

    f family
    maybe will run into you in calif sometime
    enjoyed the families

    thanks for the comments

    yur kids r fn
  12. I just found out the news. I am praying for you. You have always been such a great help and support to me and my family. You are a wonderful doctor and we are going to miss you greatly. Take care of yourself!! We Love You.
  13. Shannon, Gabe and familyJanuary 11, 2011 2:44 PM
    We are going to miss you! Today, we went to pick up a script and Celeste wanted to know if she was going to see Donald Duck. She did see the one you hung where your photo was hanging. We appreciate all of your help over the years. Thank you for listening to our worries! Please do take care of yourself.

    Thanks, and we hope you are able to travel a lot!
  14. Well, I never got to hear the duck voice...I feel cheated!!!
    Our whole famiy, Jeff, Jennifer, Jim and I are devastated! It is like losing a family member. We will pray for you and your family as you go on with life.
    My mom had alzhemizers also. I feel like I have more symptoms than than you....
    Get out your walking stick and enjoy life!!!
    Judy Riley
  15. jr
    sorry didnt do duck voice for you
    i am early early into this and did not feel
    like i could practice medicine with this
    do use the walking stick every day
  16. sm
    will miss kids especially cm
    glad she liked the duck
    thanks for the thoughts
  17. Hey Doc,
    Doug and I are wondering if you can recommend a new doctor? Don't know if you're legally allowed to do that, but thought I would give it a shot anyway!
    Thanks, Kim
  18. Dr. Nash,
    You have done every well check on our 4 girls since birth and I am going to miss hearing you proclaim "She's a keeper" after completing the exam. The girls will miss your Donald Duck voice for sure! THanks for being a great doctor for so many families including ours. So sorry that you have to deal with this condition but happy to see that you are keeping a blog so we can keep tabs on you :)
    Wendy, Jason, Hailey, Reese, Paige, and Penny Garrett

    By the way...was looking forward to telling you that we now have a small flock of chickens! We are excited about getting some fresh free range eggs in a few months and fertilizer for the garden...if we can keep it under the H.O.A's radar!
  19. kd
    ask nurse d
    a new doc is coming soon

    they were keepers
    glad to hear you have backyard chickens
    those hoas
  20. Oh, does Mom need a walking stick to? We have many in the garage....therapy...haha. Be glad to fix her up too.
  21. Dr. Nash,
    I'm so sad to hear this news. You have been a huge help to me, getting my diabetic medicine straightened out and always treating my cough. I wish you and your family all the best, you will be missed.

    PS...I'm finally doing something about my weight, Thanks to your suggestions - Lap-Band scheduled for May!

    Take Care,
    Anita McDonald
  22. jr
    she doesnt but i do

    thanks for the comment
    good luck
  23. Dr. Nash, I'm at a loss for words. WOW and for me that's rare! LOL. We all will miss seeing your smiling face even when we felt like crap. You are the absolute BEST Dr. around and we need more like you. I do hope you enjoy your retirement and good luck with your treatment. Hopefully we'll see you around town or at the kids basketball games!! We love you!!

    The Purl family
  24. pfamily
    good luck with girls
  25. Cheryl Von RosenbergJanuary 13, 2011 7:41 PM
    Dr. Nash our family could never thank you enough for your years of care. My children came to you when they where 5 and 7 and are now 24 and 26 you helped us make them the beautiful adults they have become. We will never forget your wonderful care and friendship. We always felt so good about our care when we had seen you.
    We are sending our love and hope you will receive the same wonderful care with your illness that you gave.
    The Von Rosenberg's
  26. Our family of little razorbacks is going to miss you terribly! I am so glad they got to call the hogs for you the last time we saw you in the office. Dr. Duck you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

    George, Jennifer, Benjamin, Madelina, Anabella, and Samuel Martinez
  27. While we've never met, as one family doctor to another, I can see that our profession is losing one of the good ones. I'm so very sorry for the challenging condition that caused you to make this decision. At the same time I deeply respect your ability to make that decision. I'm glad we'll continue to benefit from your wisdom in this forum. Thank you for your years of service. It is clear that your patients have felt the warmth and care of your family doctor heart. I pray for blessings in every day ahead for you.
  28. cvg
    thanks for the thoughts
    those kids were fun
    hope you the best in life and health
    enjoyed yalls visits
  29. dr carie
    have enjoyed your blog
    many of my readers and patients have enjoyed it also
    you articulate the topics so well
    good luck
    thanks for the comments
    hope to continue following your blog

  30. mommahog
    that was definitely a youtube moment
    will miss the hog talk
    and will miss your kids (and sisters kid)
    wish yall good luck
    tell parents hi
    soooooooooieeeee pigs razorbacks

  31. I'm typing this stunned by your absence and to hear where you are at his point in your journey. I've known you for over 10 years and have talked about our lives as your wife and I have had similar professions, working at similar schools, but in different districts. You've cared for my family as if they were your own. My kids have always responded to your kindness and your care.

    We've talked a lot about this disease as my dad suffers with this just as your family has. This disease has been in my family for two generations and my greatest fear is that it will be here for several more. When I called to make an appointment and heard you were out on a medical leave, I feared this. When I walked in and saw the duck hanging where your profile had been, my heart sank.

    You've given me advice to be preventative, to start now being proactive, and I've followed in your footsteps. I look forward to following you still. Please know that you will always be in my thoughts. Best wishes Dr. Duck. Look forward to reading your thoughts soon.
  32. I will really miss you and don't know how I can find a doctor to match you. I will you all the very best of luck in the future.
  33. jb
    we have 8 siblings and one has it and now i
    have it early early
    3 younger and 4 older than me
    others are symptom free
    a lot is being done research wise right now to
    do earlier diagnosis like mine(im lucky)
    genetics you cant do anything about
    but preventative stuff like eating right, daily
    exercise, controlling blood pressure,controlling diabetes, controlling cholesterol all can slow
    down the disease and maybe prevent it in some cases

    thanks for the words
    do heed the above advise
    keep up with the research

  34. aw
    thanks for the comments
    retired before you
    mayb ireland will be on my bucket list
    take care
    nurse d for recomendation
  35. I am very sad to hear about your leaving and your reasons. Thank you for looking after me for almost ten years.
    I will pray for you often, God can do amazing things!
  36. From Nora Evans,
    Thank you for all the years of caring for my family. You will be happy to know that Colin finally made it to the Marines and graduated in November! It was a long 15 month wait but it was worth it. You wouldn't recognize him now, he is 30lbs lighter!
    I will be following you on the web. Take care.
  37. From The Gilleylen Family,
    You are an awesome doctor. You have been with my kids from childhood through college. The first time you saw Curenski and Sydney they were in elementary. She's graduating high school and he's playing his last year of football for Nebraska. You have been as much apart of their lives as the schools they attended. There are no words to express my gratitude to you for all you done. Be Blessed and know that you have indeed made a difference in the lives of your patients and their parents. Thank You Dr. Nash.
  38. to ne
    glad c is getting there
    good luck with him and your health
  39. to g family and ms g
    thanks for the words
    wish c good luck in big 10 next year
    wish s well in college next year
    you have two nice kids
    good luck to you
  40. Well to quote Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation, "I couldn't be more surprised if I woke tomorrow with my head sewn to the floor!" I guess I always thought I would have my Doctor and I'm optimistic for you. I hope I can find someone as nice as you've been to me over the years. (I'm the guy with the giggles every time you told me to lie back as you were going to push on my stomach). I'll add you to my prayers Doc.
    PS. I highly recommend Scotland. Edinburgh Castle is incredible.
    Peace and Blessings.
  41. dr. nash,
    you will be missed by my 3 children. 10 years with you as our doctor has been wonderful and it will be hard to find another doctor to replace you. there will be noone like you around. thanks for everything.
    Hoomana family
  42. We just got your last day letter in the mail and could not believe what we were reading. Our love, hearts and prayers are with you and your family. You will be greatly missed! You were truly a great friend and doctor to our family. Now who is going to help me keep Paul in line? And Clarissa was finally at a point of talking to you. :) We hope to keep in touch through your blog and pray it continues for years to come.

    Take care and God Bless.
    Paul, Valerie & Clarissa Gonzales
  43. DR Nash,

    I was so surprised by the letter in the mail we received about you leaving. You have been our doctor since Josh was 2. You helped me with my ex-husband, because you understood what we were going through. You helped me through my divorce and most recently in November you sent Josh to Dell Childrens because of his breathing...I never had seen you so worried in my life, so I knew you were doing the best for my son. We will miss you. We hope the best for you and your family and your quest with this illness. We will watch your blog to see how you are doing, because you were not only our doctor, but our friend. Josh told me today, your the only doctor he has gone too and he just doesn't think he can have another doctor. Hopefully we can find someone as awesome and caring as you.
    We wil miss you ....Rachel and Josh Davis
  44. Hi Dr. Nash,

    I cannot tell you how much your kind and gentle manner along with your medical knowledge support helped me through my difficult journey with BRCA1 (another one of those 'nice' genetic issues) and managing my son's autism diagnosis around the same time. You are an incredibly gifted Doctor and a wonderful human being. I will most certainly miss you heaps and truly hope to remain in touch.
    Prayers and BIG ((hugs)) to you and your family, Renee
  45. Dr. Nash,

    As others before me I was shocked to hear the news. You have been my husband's doctor for I can't tell you how many years. You have assisted him with his cholesterol and the removal of his gall bladder last March. When I told him of your situation he asked, "How will I find another doctor as good as Dr. Nash?"
    I, too, see you yet not as often as he. I only come in for the occasional sinus infection. Which I can say have almost comepletely stopped after beginning to use a neti pot. Something you have enccouraged me to continue to use.
    You will be missed terribly by our family. You will be kept in our prayers as you travel this journey. You are truly one of a kind.

    Kathy and John Tristan
  46. txsteve
    take care of your health
    thanks for travel tip
  47. h family
    the kids will be missed
    good luck to them
  48. pvcg
    will miss you guys espcially c
    good luck with your other kids
    have p take care of his health
    and you take care of your self
  49. rjd
    yes that was scarey
    glad he is ok
    enjoyed caring for you two
    ask nurse d for recommendation
    from one wildcat to another
    good luck in the future
  50. renee w
    thanks for the comments
    take care of yourself
    know it was a rough road
    good luck with son
    recommend www.confessionsofanaspergersmom.com
    (see my blog list)
  51. kjt
    thanks for comments
    make sure jt takes care of himself
    he has a second chance now
  52. Dwayne,
    Can't tell you how sorry I am to hear about this.
    Sometimes life really sucks, but I hope and pray for you to come to understand how much you are loved and valued, by many here and by our Creator!
    Anything I can ever do, let me know!!

    Bryan Irvin
  53. thanks bryan for the thoughts
    sometimes life does suck
  54. Dr. Nash -
    So, glad that I finally found this blog site. It was last week when I called to schedule Keller a visit with you that I found out the news from Naomi. My heart was broken.
    You have by far been the best doctor any family could ever ask for! We started seeing you way back when you were in the building next door. I knew the first time that we had an appointment with you, I believe it was for one of the kids, that you were one of a kind! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the gentle, kind and warm care that you provided all of our family over the years. It will not soon be forgotten.
    I will be keeping up on your postings and will pray for good news. May it help to know that so many are sending good thoughts your way.
    On a side note... Coby (our 12 year old), a few months ago, had $100. that he had been saving to spend on whatever he wanted. It was a collection of money given to him for birthday, etc. Our church sponsored a youth fundraiser car wash for the Alzheimer's Foundation. Well, Coby decided that his money would be better spent on that cause and donated it all to the fund. May this help in some small way of knowing that there is support out there along with so many heartfelt prayers.
    ~Catherine, Ken, Keller and Coby Shaw
  55. Hello Doc! I went to the clinic today and cannot let the staff know who to make as pimary doc. After close to 20 yrs of your care I feel lost.I have always been told things happen for a reason. I guess the reason is with your caring and knowledge you will be able to help more people. Around the same time our dgt was told her ex-father in law has the same illness. I will be giving him your web site. I know you will learn as much as you can for your family and for mine. If you are ever in Rockdale Texas look us up. If you ever need anything let me know....Cathy & Mike Kubacak
  56. ckkcs
    thanks for the comment
    tell c did a good thing with his donation
    good luck with your career
    tell hubby good luck
    tell boys hi and good luck in the future
  57. msk
    thanks for the comments
    enjoyed the 20 years and your family
    even your siblings
    now mr k he needs to take care of himself
    good luck
  58. So saddened by the news! You have been our rock for the past 4 years. Both our girls (Helen & Maria) were slow growers in the beginning and Helen still is, but while bringing them in for regular weight checks "just to be sure" you never once made me worry that something was wrong with my babies. It's hard and frightening being a new parent, and you have helped us through every illness and concern. You have taught us so much and you will be greatly missed by all 4 of us. My girls both absolutely love going to the doctor even when they are sick. You and Nurse D are responsible for that and likely have paved the way for lifelong cooperation with medical professionals. Thank you for all that you have done for us and your other patients. This could not have happened to a better or more needed person. I wish you luck and pray that new developments in research are able to help you in this journey. I feel guilty mourning my own personal loss (of the best doctor on the planet) when you are facing such a difficult diagnosis, but I do want you to know that we will miss you so much that I have been moved to tears. Thank you for caring for my little angels, thank you for calming my nerves, and thank you for making me a braver mother. You will be sorely missed!
    ~Honey, Jason, Helen, & Maria
  59. h
    thanks for the kind words
    cute girls
    tell them hi
  60. Dr. Nash,
    I don't know how long we saw you, but I'm thinking we're on the 9 - 10 yr track as with so many others who have posted. We didn't come in often because we try to stay healthy and only came in when we really, really had to....but I just want to tell you that we are sad that you will no longer be there and also that you are dealing with this diagnosis. I am grateful for your ability to make a large clinic environment feel like a local family doctor's office. I am grateful for your flexibility, your modern thinking, always erring on the side of less intervention when possible and giving us the space to interject our own hesitancies about treatments (mostly about antibiotics). It is so unusual to find a doctor like you....I wish there was a way for you to mentor others to follow in your footsteps...but it seems to come naturally to you. I remember when we first came to you, you told us how you set your parameters with ARC (like spending time with each patient!)You stuck with that and made going to the doctor a really warm experience. My son Austin, who is almost 14 now, still has fond memories of you, your Donald Duck imitation and of all of the Donald Duck drawings and pictures...he too will miss you! We wish you the best in your journey and will continue to read about your progress through this blog. Thanks for sending out the letter so those of us who don't come in often could know why you were gone and be connected in some way. Thanks again for being a really cool doctor. Laura Nicholson
  61. Dr. Nash,
    We were shocked when we got the letter about you leaving ARC clinic. My husband and I will miss you greatly. You have taken care of us for many, many, years. We could feel the concern and comfort when we made a visit. We are praying that God will continue to keep you optimistic and full of faith and happiness. You have been so kind and caring to others and I know that God will take care of you. Will continue to check your blog on your progress.
  62. Dr. Nash,
    We were so shocked to get your retirement letter; it felt like we were losing a part of our family. You became our family doctor in Temple, TX, when Tracy was 6 months old. She's turning 21 in February. Thank you for all the kindness and comfort you've given us over the years as our family grew up, going through so many changes in our lives. You've been always been there when we needed help, explaining things in terms that we understood (and drawing pictures when we needed that too). We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. We'll miss you greatly.

    I know you like news about renewable energy. My company is going to build a solar farm near Austin, 35MW.

    Karla, Steve, Daniel and Tracy Lovelady
  63. Dr. Nash,

    My family was shocked when we received your letter of retirement and saddened by the news! You have been taking care of us since my kids were babies. It will be a big adjustment for all of us to have to go to someone else. I had to go in the other day and got a chance to talk to Debra. She is missing you terribly! From the looks of things you are keeping very busy and thankfully doing well. Thank you very much for taking such good care of us for so many years. You must be proud to have so many patients that trusted in you so.

    Much love!

    Callan, Shane, Shaylee and Sheila Wolfe
  64. kl
    enjoyed caring for you and your family
    good luck to the chef and the electric men
    read about and heard about the solar farm
    great job the company is doing
    good luck in the future
  65. sw
    enjoyed caring for you and your kids
    dang they are cute
    good luck
    remember we are almost neighbors
  66. Dr. Nash,

    Still sad to not have you as our family doctor.

    Are you still around? Once you've told me "All your health problems that you have I also have. So if I [GO] you will follow soon!" I always keep that in mind.

    So if you are still around, I still have hope.

    You are one of the best doctors on earth to lower my cholesterol to perfectly low, or too low without any prescriptions besides fish oil, and Niacin, and aspirin. I still do those.

    We just drop in to say "HI DOC!" Best wishes to you and your family on Holiday Season of 2011. God Bless!

    Thang Vo, James & Gregory
  67. vos
    good hearing from you
    keep those lipids normal
    tell boys hi
  68. Dr Nash, sorry for not writing until now! You are and will always be our family doctor no matter if you are practicing or not! You helped us through a lot of illnesses over the past 15 years and especially with Tiff's disease! Tiffany and Robert were married in Dec 2010 and are now living in the Houston area. Tiffany is in her first year of dental school and having a time of her life. It's hard on her but she is managing well. JR is finishing up his undergrad and will pursue his MBA. God Bless you and your Family!
  69. anon
    good to hear from you
    glad tiff is realizing her dream
    and jr is kicking in finally
    tell hubby and kids hi
    you take care

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. "The Last Day" is a hard one to read... every time.
    It did seem like the end of the world then, but this blog, http://www.organicgreendoctor.com/2011/01/farmers-luck-true-grit-football.html
    awwwwww-some comments like those above, our sweet and satisfying life (including and especially, I get Donald Duck in person everyday!)...leaves no doubt, I am one lucky "my-wife-she"