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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

food stamps

we live in central texas
where there is low unemployment
there is a building boom for both commercial and
residential real estate
there are a lot of people moving here because of this

there is a lot of poverty in texas
especially kids and the elderly

you would think that this would benefit all of society
all the way to the lower socioeconomic folks

not happening
if you are involved with meals on wheels or habitat for humanity
like i am
work in a soup kitchen or any place that provides meals to
people in need
work in shelters that provide places for people to sleep
live or work in places that provide needed clothing or
that gives out food to people
you know that there are a lot of people of all ages who
are falling through the cracks of our safety nets

the meals on wheels programs have been cut of a lot in funding
so that they have laid off workers and have had to cut the
number of meals available
they have had to make the rules for qualifying more strict
so that a lot of people dont qualify now
now there is a long list of people waiting for inclusion on
the meals programs

so when i hear food stamp cuts that worries me a lot
as i see these people i deliver meals to and wonder
what would they do if they lost their meals they get

i know that my mom use to eat only half her meal and then
would eat the rest for her supper

losing that meal really affects those folks health

drug testing for food stamps
so does that mean a mom who is an addict doesnt get food stamps
for their kids
sometimes if you are not in a system that deals with all of this
you may not see or know about all these people

my wife she teaches school
if it werent for the lunch programs at school these kids wouldnt
many dont get breakfast at home and without these programs
they wouldnt eat at lunch

so when i hear about cuts in food stamps it bothers me
first lets drug test all congressman first if we are going to drug test
other people

is there abuse in the food stamp program
of course
just like there is in any federal or state program
agriculture abuse
military spending abuse
oil company subsidy abuse
financial bail outs of the financial industry
medicare and medicaid fraud by medical providers and patients

lets look at all these a little closer before we start taking kids
and those in need off the foods stamp program

maybe they should talk some to teachers who reach in their
pockets and buy lunches sometimes
maybe they should go to food shelters and work and talk
to people and not just do a photo op moment
maybe they should run a meals on wheels route and really
talk to people in need

yes cut out the fat out of any program
and go after those who abuse the program
but be careful
real careful
when you make those cuts

sometimes it helps to put a face on those who benefit from the
food stamp program
if there is abuse in the food stamp program and these other programs
then the congressmen should look in the mirror
to see who is responsible

please dont hurt those who need our help the most
churches and other volunteer groups cant fill the gap

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. Great blog today. All so true. Arkansas is also full of hungry folks.

    Arkansas Susan