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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

who is on top now

in the cellphone market verizon is starting to dominate
and gradually take over
i read that that may start affecting some of their personal
service that they have been famous for

att and sprint have been slipping some in their customer base

here at the country n we are in a rural area where the line
of cell phone towers seem to stop

when you live in a rural area you have trade offs
you have to decide what things are important to you
having to drive 30 miles to go anywhere like the grocery store
poor cell service poor tv coverage no dsl or cable
no one wants to come this far like plumbers electricians etc
having your neighbors 1/2 mile away where you never hear
them except on a very quiet still day
visitors really want to come see you before they make that drive
an abundance of wild life

recently my two brothers were here at the country n
where in the last few months we have noticed a lot more
dropped calls on our cell phones
and since we use a verizon card for our computer service
we really notice the speed when the bars drop down to 1
we never ever have 5 bar service here

the closest we get is if we go upstairs on our porch where
we can momentarily get 4glte service on our card
the computer just zips across the internet when we are up
i cant imagine what the new google internet connection would
be like in austin when its all hooked up

my historian brother has sprint service and my rainwater brother
has att service
so we did an experiment while they were here to see who had
the best service
none of us did

no its not good since i cant hear you now

the nearest tower is three miles away on the highway
as you drive to our house the terrain gradually drops
as you are getting near the river
you can watch as the service drops down from a 5 near
the tower down to a 2-3 in our driveway
then it drops down again as you drive down to our house

we live in a bowl so the signal gets lost as you progress down
the sides of the bowl

so we called verizon
there was nothing they could do but they would allow us to
get out of our contract without penalties
so they put that on our account
guess well save that one for a rainy day since
verizon actually has more cell service here at the country n
than att and sprint proven by our brother experiment

our neighbor who has att called att who said yes you are in a
bowl and dont get good service
no new towers are planned in this area
but they told her
you can get a booster that will pick up the signal outside your
home and send it inside the house
they have to go outside by the barn next to their boat to get
the best reception

knowing what i know now thats because they have a more
direct sight of the nearest att tower

then att  told them what to buy and then offered
to pay for the $200 cell phone booster

it was the same one that i had found by researching the internet
to find how to boost our signal
but no help from verizon on that one

so sometimes being in second place makes a company want to
try harder
sure hope this is not a trend for verizon

the organicgreen doctor


  1. Will this device boost an internet signal or just the cell phone one?
    Pokey internet in AR

    1. we use an internet card by verizon for our internet.
      this morning after i hooked this booster up we have 4glte service which is fairly fast. as fast as i need. usually we only have slow 1-3 bars 3g service and slow service.
      so it helped out a lot on our internet service.
      if you have some other internet service like satelite internet it wont help.