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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

ten commandments

this is not a religious blog entry about moses and
his mountain trip and how to live your life
its a little about how to live your life

ive been using my smartphone now for about 2 years and
recently noted that im using it more and more instead of
getting on the computer
i recently switched to an iphone form a samsung version
since mine had got so filled with debri from working in the garden
yard doing habitat etc that it wouldnt hardly work anymore

my son sent me his old phone which i switched to and am quite
pleased since i dont have to buy a new one and this one does
all the things i like to do without at all the bells and whistles that
a new version does

my wife she though
she is addicted to her smartphone
so much that we are always giving her a hard time

so i told her last night about my blog i was going to write today
and i think this is one blog im going to regret

as i was using my smartphone and talking to her at the same time
she started reminding me about this blog

we all need to read this one
since its affecting our lives probably mostly for the best

according to a microsoft survey of 10000 people here are the
top 5 pet peeves ie things that pi$$ people off about how others
use their smartphones

(cell phone use while driving is becoming one of the leading causes
of death of teenagers
this isnt on any list but is really bothersome
to think you could lose your child this way
we worry about them driving too fast or drinking and driving then
they text someone while driving.......)

5   delaying traffic by using phone
4   using phone during face to face conversations
     (she got me on this one last night)
3  using or not silencing phones when appropriate
2   talking loudly
1   checking phones constantly

my ranking would be
in order of least worst to worst
5 1 3 2 4

and what would yours be

now here are
the kim komando shows top 10 commandments
for mobile manners

we should all read these and abide by them
i try to and will try to do better myself
Please consider these Komando 10 Commandments for daily digital manners:

1. You shall give top priority to those who are with you.

Listen intently when you are with friends, family members and coworkers. 
When you constantly check messages, you send the message that other 
people and things are more important to you.

2. Thou shalt not be distracted.

For safety's sake, don't text or engage in voice calls while driving. For the 
same reason, don't let texting or voice calls distract you while walking.

3. Do not shout on the sidewalk.

It's OK to take a call when you're on the street. But if you have to shout to 
be heard above the background noise, you should call back later.

4. Thou shalt not make private matters public.

Remember never to text anything that is private, confidential or potentially 
embarrassing. Messages can be forwarded and shared with hundreds of 
others in seconds.

5. Do unto others as briefly as possible.

Remember that you have a captive, unsympathetic audience when you're in 
a carpool or using public transportation. Only make or take a call if it's 
essential, and keep it short.

6. Learn how to turn that thing completely off.

Then please do turn it off whenever you are in a church, a restaurant, a library, 
a theater or in a meeting.

7. Use headphones correctly.

Use headphones whenever playing games or watching videos. And it's basic 
good manners to remove your headphones when someone is trying to speak to you.

8. Thou shalt not cause light pollution.

When in a dark public place, turn screen brightness down.

9. Share only with permission.

Make sure anyone in a photo you want to share is OK with your posting that photo 
on social media.

10. Exercise good taste.

Don't call up risqué videos, photos and websites in public.

so lets all be considerate 

the organicgreen doctor


  1. I am still holding out against getting a cell phone. I don't want one. I am not crazy about phones to begin with, and I do not want to tote around an expensive object when I don't have to. (I feel good about keeping track of my wallet successfully. Why press my luck with something more?)
    I also like to pay attention to my surroundings and the people I am with. I see people walking past amazingly beautiful flowers and trees or just heaps of vegetables looking like jewels at the supermarket and they are wrapped up in their cell phone conversations. I don't want to miss things like that.

    1. mary in austin
      im afraid ive gone over to the other side. sometimes i wish that i had not done that but stayed with the old flip phone.
      i do notice that people dont interact with each other anymore sitting together at a table all on their electronic stuff.
      we probably should have no electronic stuff restaurants like no smoking restaurants.
      you are probably making a good decision. i have a brother who has a cell phone and he leaves it off all the time unless he makes a call.
      thanks for the comments
      what will this world come to over the next few years.