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Monday, June 24, 2013

the word according to paula


in 2013 the n word you cant use it paula
its not acceptable anymore

i listen to her talk on tv and she has that nice southern
accent that i grew up with
and she cooks good although not as healthy as what i
but it is a way of cooking that i dont mind occasionally
but its definitely not the mediteranean diet that we all
should be on

her cooking has changed some since she publicly
talked about having diabetes
so she changed her cooking

so now she needs to change something else
thats using the n word and even thinking about using the
n word to others in public or private

i know its ok for black people to use it
i understand that
but i dont even think they should be using it either

im not sure when i last used the word
i actually dont ever recall using that word before
i grew up in the deep south where it was freely used
so im sure in my teenage years i might have used it
i just dont remember ever using it

i know when i was in high school there was a book in our
small library in our all white rural school
about a black writer who moved to vermont
you know theres no black people there
reading that book made me think a lot about racism
thanks to my open minded english teacher for allowing me
to read this book and to do a report on it
she was the best teacher i had even through college and medical school

it was also the 60s with its war protests martin luther kings marches
and woodstock
so things were changing and this was all discussed more openly

i now live in an environment where i never hear the n word in
people i associate with

if i did i would find it very offensive

i think everyone now a days understands that this is a word you
dont use in public or private
if you do as paula is finding out you can get fired
say it to the wrong person and more than that can happen

so what can paula do
learn from this
talk about this and be contrite
dont use the n word evenly privately
dont even think it

only the black population can  forgive her
i cant
i always liked her but i and the white americans cant help her

she should talk to the black people that she knows well eg
like oprah
ask for forgiveness
and move forward in a way that shows she learned her lesson
if she is forgiven
really mean it when she talks about it

i understand this all
since i grew up in the deep south
this all gets ingrained inside
and it takes a lot of work to get it out of you

i hope paula does
because i know that she is a very good kind  person
that means well

i hope that others can learn from what happened to her
we have too many problems in this world and in this country
to deal with
racism should not be one of them

the organicgreen doctor

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