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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

its a quiet one


last year our walk to end alzheimers team called the organicgreendoctor
had a silent auction to raise money for the alzheimers association
we had it at a local venue a restaurant with outside seating with music

the auction was successful
we raised close to $1500

the two most popular items were
a organic square foot garden which i built
sited on the winners property
filled it with good organic materials
then planted a fall winter garden for her and her family
she won the bid at the last minute

the other item was an alzheimers quilt that was made by
my friend a retired plastic surgeon who you know must
do a perfect job on the quilt
she did
it was a popular item
and was won by a former patient who made a large bid at
the last minute to win it

since it was so successful as a fun raiser we have decided to
do it again this year
this time we will do it online
it will run for 6 weeks starting in the am at 700 am cst
and ending on sunday september 21st at 900 pm cst
if there is a last minute bid the auction will be extended
for 3 minutes to allow for a counter bid
this can go on for 30 min

so the items will be available to more people
over a greater period of time

here is the link to our silent auction

you can review the items now without registering
but to bid you need to register with your name and
email address
your name when bidding can be kept anonymous

i will be personally monitoring the silent auction
and will be the one who makes sure the winners
get their bid items
i have decided to cover any shipping costs involved
inside the continental us
the winners must pay for the item within 3 days or the
item will go to the next bidder
you can pay online

the money raised will be donated under my teams name
to the alzheimers associations williamson county
walk to end alzheimers that will take place on saturday
september 27, 2014

here are the items to be auctioned to start with
more will be added as the auction progresses

an organic 4ft square garden that will be made from
2in x 16 in cedar boards with 1 ft squares marked off
this will be filled with the best orgainc soil that can be
bought in the austin area topped off with the best
organic compost also
the garden will be sited on your property by myself
then using a gift certificate from the natural gardener
i will personally have you and your family plant this
last years winner grew in her fall garden lettuces spinach
beets carrots swiss chard asian greens onions garlic
winter peas cilantro oregano parsley etc
the gift that will give and give for years to come

childs quilt one

childs quilt two

two childrens quilts quilted by my friend the retired
plastic surgeon who has this quilting blog sutured for  living
these quilts were made for a relatives children but
the decision was made later to donate them to raise
money for alzheimers research
she doantes her quilts to a blog that auctions off
quilts for alzheimers disease and this blog has
raised thousands of dollars over the years for the
alzheimers associaton
she has decided to let me have these two beautiful
well quilted quilts for our auction
if you have a child or have a child thats planned for in
the future you should take a close look at these quilts
below are the links from her blog that describes them in
more detail
the pictures dont do them justice
i can see them on a grandchilds bed and it be
one that becomes a night night or a keepsake
i have the luxury of having held these in my hands
and admired them
they are good quality quilts verified by several local
these are two items that will be shipped to you if you
win them
they are being bidded separately

here is her blog entry for quilt one
here is her blog entry for quilt two

the next item if you like food and food choices
is for you
if you live in this area you may know the monument cafe
in georgetown texas
if you dont know about it thats your loss

this item is gift certificates  that can be used at

the wonderful monument cafe
with its home cooked meals and the best
pies ive ever eaten and the best pinto beans ive eaten
this restaurant even if it was in the food capital of texas austin
would still be a popular place

or the monument market
which is like a local farmers market with
produce from local farmers eggs meats olive oils salsas wines
from local growers vegetable plants and its open every day

or the biergarten 
an outside venue with music and food

or the el monumento 
my favorite mexican food place to eat
even when comparing it to all the places in austin
which is saying a lot for the food and its venue
overlooking the san gabriel river

then there is the big organic garden out back of the
monument cafe where a lot of the food they cook
is grown

so this item should be the best bargain of them all
with all its choices

then as the time period progresses we will be adding more
items for the auction

all these items i could easily bid the max on them and be
quite pleased with what i bought

so after 700am cst in the am you may start bidding
its for a good cause
the winnings will be worth it for you and for future generations
as we fight to end this terrible disease

here is the link

please share this link

the organicgreen doctor

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