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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

beware privatization


that word
privatization of social security
has been gingerly thrown around this year in the preelection campaigns
they have to be careful those politicians
dont make the gray hairs mad at you

whenever i hear the politicians use the word
two things come to mind
their friends ie their big donors are going to get richer
you the taxpayer are going to get screwed

george bush pushed this once but luckily it was defeated
but its out their brewing still

you know if it happens
i can just see bad things happening to our money
you and i and your kids and parents and grandparents

think mortgage debacle
think the financial crisis of the last part of the last decade
who won out in the end
yep the ones that screwed us
the banks and the financial folks
the politicians
yep you got it we all lost
just look at your paycheck

social security is the safety net that folks have when they
get old to get them out of absolute poverty
although try to live off just social security and see how far
you can make it

now congress has to do something
proposals such as

increasing the percentage from the 6.2% we
pay now
ok we all have to pay our share
no problem there

maybe increasing the max income taxed to a higher limit
say $200,000
no problem there
nay that aint going to happen those income levels have too much

changing the cola
no not the brand you drink
the percentage increase the social security is changed each year
no problem there

taxing social security more
now im sorry i never really liked this proposal much
unless you raise the threshold for taxing it to an amount
way above the poverty threshold
this year since i was paid 4 years of social security for my
disability i will have to pay close to $8000 in taxes for it
all the social security checks went to my long term disability
company but i got the tax bill

eg warren buffet should be taxed on his social security
surely he doesnt accept his anyway
while my parents if they were alive today should not
be taxed since that was their main source of income

so something has to be done for social security to survive
without social security the elderly will be poverty stricken

i propose the above changes
then if they want to
privatize something else

eg make a mandatory 1% contribution to a long term ira product
like the federal employees are able to do
do not allow the government to touch that money
no paper shuffling tricks
at retirement the taxpayer can start drawing off the money
at an annuitized rate
seem fair to me

so privatization of social security
means to me
the same as always

the rich get richer the poor get poorer
nothing ever changes

the organicgreen doctor

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