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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

ebola leader?

EBOLA leader?

where is the leadership in our fight against the ebola virus
why is the head of the cdc doing this

i looked online to see if i could find out
where the leader is that should be leading this fight
someone who takes over and does whats need to be done

all health issues like this are always lead by this person

so i googled it
where is the surgeon general of the united states
who is the surgeon general of the united states

the answer is
we dont have one

we dont have one

the domination is being held up by congress
something about gun control

where oh where is dr koop or dr elders when we need them
how in the heck can this be so political

now i had the honor to work with dr elders when i was a
medical student and resident

she is one fireball of a person
a getter done type

i worked with her in the er where she was a staff doctor that day
we would present our patients to her and come up with a treatment
she also took over a room saw patients made up the exam table
called in her next patient checked them in examined them
then met us to discuss our patient then started all over
made me tired she did

she was outspoken but she did tell the truth
but of course in washington thats not what they want to
hear the truth

it got her fired
i wish she was here now to take over the ebola scare
she would do what needed to be done
tell us what we need to hear
stopping all this scare stuff thats going on

yep we need you now dr elders
or someone but its too late to approve the new surgeon general

washington at its not best i would say

now ebola is bad
the fatality rate is high at 50-90%
of course its not as bad as alzheimers disease
with its 100% fatality rate
wish we would all get this excepted about it
get congress to fund more research
while they are at it they could approve a new surgeon general

we sure need one right now
this is the time when they take over to do what needs to be done
a reassuring figure who is in command

when you meet your congressperson over the next few weeks
ask them about why we dont have a surgeon general

could this ebola thing get worse because of politics

the organicgreen doctor

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