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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

dear ms b-black beauty


ms b
there are some things in this life
you look at and think
thats just not right
that cant be good for you
why do they keep doing this

ive written about this before but it warrants another writing

last night as i watched the voice
yes ms b i like the voice
i wish blake would kiss gwen right there on tv
as i was watching one of the amazing teenagers
on this years final 12
as she stood up to sing
i looked down at her feet
i instantly thought of
black beauty
Image result for black beauty
now black beauty
is a classic book about a horse
it tells the story of the horse as it transverses across
the country
i think its in england or europe
from owner to owner
from good living conditions to worse

now black beauty was feisty
i hope you are that way
standing up for whats right in this world
standing up for whats best for you

in the book
gma will get you one
knowing her she will want to read it to you
one of the owners had a fancy carriage that he had
these beautiful horses tied to to pull
they were all dressed up with beautiful leather straps
their heads were pulled back
real tight
so that they were at almost a 90 degree angle
i know that must have hurt those little horses
keeping their heads up like that
heck they couldnt even bend their necks down
to eat green grass

now ms b
can you imagine being a horse being strapped down like that
all day
that would hurt
it cant be good for them
some long time damage must be going on in that neck

Image result for womens shoes

so its with this black beauty story in mind
that i looked at that teenagers feet last night
she was all laced up from toe to lower calf
like a corset
her toes
well she was pretty much standing on the toe foot bone joints
all i could think was
that must be real uncomfortable
that must hurt
that cant be good for your feet
who in the world ms b would design such a torture piece
it could only be a man

then her toes were all squished together so they came out the
end in a reverse triangle like this >
ms b that cant be good for her

now ms b
i want you to think for yourself
i dont want you to be wearing those shoes that cinch up your
pretty little feet
that raise your heel way way much higher than your toes
almost like a ballerina
lord only knows those ballerinas have lots and lots of feet problems

now ms b
i notice the men seem to wear boots or tennis shoes
oh tennis shoes are sneakers
or nice dress shoes where the heels touch the ground just
like the toes do

so ms b
if you havent figured this out yet
there are a lot of injustices in this world for women
thank goodness you live in the usa
this one
wearing those black beauty shoes
is one that can be easily fixed or eliminated

just remember
keep your heels on the ground and your toes all spread out
those little feet will do ok when you get older

the organicgreen doctor

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