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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

dear ms b-its time to do it


now ms b
is time to do it
before you start to school

thats what i told my wife she
that would be your gma jo
when i saw this news report last night

seat belts in school buses and video

now i know i wrote last time that i wouldnt put
any more bad stuff in my writings to you
i think this is different

now i worked off and on for several years in the
emergency room as a doctor
while in college i worked in a large city emergency room in a large
city in california
i saw a lot of trauma from moving vehicle accidents

those involving kids i still remember
at times for some reason like last night
when i see those reports on accidents on buses
i think of those bad ones
their images have been burned permanently into my brain

last night as i watched the news reports on using
seat belts in buses
i saw the videos of all those little kids flying around
hitting the windows and the roofs
tumbling down the aisles over the seats

no those werent dummies they were real kids

i had those flashbacks to years ago in the emergency room
seeing what the end results of those injuries are like

some were war like

now ive thought about this a lot
why dont we have seat belts in buses

here comes the excuses for why
now i remember those same excuses
when they first made cars have seat belts
my first car didnt have them
now i wouldnt think of riding in my car without them
the same excuses were used when there were
requirements to have babies and kids in car seats

if you ever seen a squished baby from being in a moms arms
mashed against the dash or steering wheel
that will really make you a believer in car seats
and seat belts

ms b
your dad is alive today because of being in a car seat
in a bad car wreck when he was a little older than you
he sustained head lacerations and a broken arm but
he wouldnt be alive if he hadnt been in the backseat
in a car seat
if you look close you can still see the large scar that
runs from his temple to the back of his head

now it seems like to me
its a no brainer
seat belts in buses
like the car seat your dad was in
it was required at the time

the reasons why not to have them i heard in the 60s and 70s and 80s
all proven wrong by time

if you are reading this writing to my granddaughter
you have kids
watch that video on the link above
of the kids being thrown through the air
into the window in the next aisle
put your kids face on those kids

would you be opposed to seat belts in buses
for your kids and grandkids
i think not

now ms b
i sure hope this gets all settled before you ride school buses
if not
call me and gma and well come pick you up in our
seat belted car
to take you to school

ms b
how can we not do this
put seat belts on buses

a no brainer
i say

the organicgreen doctor

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