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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

what is is

thats what clinton said in the 1990s

now in the 2010s were having the same question

whats isis

they are a group of religious fanatics
radical jihadists
radical islamists
they represent only less than 0.5% of islam believers
i agree not to call them radical islamists
radical jihadists

why label a religion
give it a bad name
the religion is suffering enough as it is
without us labeling it

hitler was a christian
was a radical christian then
it seems he did the same thing
that the isis folks are doing

i was wondering last night
what would have happened had hitler came to the us
with small groups and attacked our larger cities
like isis did in paris

im sure we would have entered the war a lot sooner

i am disturbed about the rhetoric about the muslims religion
blocking immigrants from syria
we after all
have to do our part in handling this crisis
we have to take them in

we are all products of immigrants unless we are of native american descent
my ancestors came from england ireland and northern europe
escaping famine political and religious persecution and severe poverty

sounds familiar doesnt it

its a joke that the governors say
no refugees here
they cant stop them from coming if the federal government allows it
cant they put some of that effort they are wasting on posturing
to find a way to handle the refuges smoothly
if you are accepted as a refugee in the usa
you cant be restricted on where you travel

my reading seems to show that it can take up to 2 years
for a syrian refugee to get through the vetting to get into the usa

but the thing that bothers me the most
is the rhetoric about preventing muslims from building mosques
even preventing them from entering
because of their religion

it seems
since thats one of the building blocks of our country
was religious freedom

lets be careful
less we tread too much on our constitution

remember the red scare in the 50s that ruined lots
of innocent folks lives

our record sometimes is not pure

just remember
you iphone ipad mac users
without immigration from syria
there would not have been
a steve jobe
you wouldnt be using your apple device today

the organicgreen doctor

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