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Monday, March 6, 2017

it needs a new name

i am the first person to admit that the
affordable care act was not perfect
it pointed things in the right direction

we needed to be moving towards making sure all
are covered by some appropriate health plan
no matter whether they are poor or not

i personally think we should have medicare for all
simple efficient

as the republicans move to change it all up
to change obamacare
yes obama finally owned it
put his name on it

as they start changing it
i have decided to keep an open mind
to be apolitical when i look at what is proposed

i read several articles on the leaked details of the
republican plan
im sure there is good in there somewhere

there are words that when you see them
you get a little squirmy
since you know that its only going to be good for you
if you make good money

things like
tax credit
health savings account
block grants
you can keep your doctor and your hospital
preexisting conditions
drug prices
plus more

someone is going to lose
well a lot are going to lose

i mentally when through my relatives and friends
most of them arent even affected much by this
well hardly any of them
they are either on medicare and a supplement or on a retirement
health insurance or get health insurance through their work or
military retirement

just thinking right now of that group
i know of one person who will be affected by all this
he is caught between retirement and medicare
he and his wife will have to pay what ever price the
new system comes up with

they will have to accept whatever coverage they are able
to buy
with the obamacare policies there is a minimal coverage
those bronze plans
that still was good coverage
there is some concern the new ones could be those
old junk policies that were health coverage by name only

now for me and soon to be my wife she also i am quite
pleased with being on medicare and buying my medicare supplement
with blue cross blue shield and my prescription plan via them also

dont change any of this please
if it aint broke dont try to fix it please

there are things though that will affect all of us
whether we are on government plans or on company plans
or on private plans

it appears that they will keep the under 26 year rule that allows
folks to stay on their parents insurance
what about the requirement to cover preventative care
like physicals immunizations paps mammograms cancer screenings etc
it looks like many of those who get it from their employers may have
to pay taxes on the cost of the insurance
my wife she it would be $3600 a year she would have to pay income tax

tax credit or voucher
first you have to have the money to pay for the insurance then be able
to wait for the voucher or tax credit
works ok unless you are the working poor

health savings account
again that works ok unless you cant afford to put money back into this account
it seems to be an account that those with money would benefit from
now my wife she and i put back in a personal savings account each month
the calculated amount that we will be spending thats not covered
like copays and deductibles and non covered services

block grants
i personally wouldnt trust texas to use block grants for health care for
those in need
the record and statistics here in texas is actually embarrassing for those
who live here
some of the statistics are almost third world like
neighboring states like arkansas do a better job so far
some things you as the federal government have to just tell the states
this is what has to be done

you can keep your doctor and your hospital
dont promise that one
youll be lying
insurance companies have being doing this for years
without the governments help
its not unusual if your company changes its health coverage
the doctors and hospitals may not be on the list

preexisting conditions
these may not get covered very well
just what is a preexisting condition
this is a big one folks
asthma allergies pregnancy complications twin births autism add
aspergers high blood pressure morbid obesity diabetes heat conditions
arthritis like rheumatoid high cholesterol dementia cerebral palsy
als ms the list goes on and on
its doubtful any of us dont have a preexisting condition

high risk pools
is that where the preexisting condition folks ie most of us
get put in these high risk pools
i know i will be in there with my diagnoses
it will be an expensive expensive pool to be swimming in

there is drug prices
this is the one that all of us should be demonstrating against
all together
liberal and conservative
democratic republican independent you name it
we just all be marching demanding together
that this gets fixed
something get done about what we are paying for our drugs

we in america pay the highest drug prices in the world
big pharma spent $300,000,000 on lobbying last year
yes they lobbied both sides of the aisles
democrats and republicans benefited

show up at a town meeting with this as your only item
demonstrate to your congressperson
that this is not acceptable
thats probably the only way it will get change
it takes a lot of work to defeat three hundred million bucks

i am looking at this new health plan
with an open mind
i would hope all of you would do the same
please on this one think for yourself
heck just look in your pocketbook
figure out how much this will really cost you
make them make it right
democrat and republicans both

we have to come up with a new name
for the new plan
i say
let him own it like obama finally did
lets call it
Image result for trumpcare

he needs to put his name on it
just do one that is fair and will work for all of us

the organicgreen doctor

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