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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, March 20, 2017

they should be ashamed


these states above in that dark reddish orange color
should be ashamed
note that the district of columbia is shaded that color
which means
in our national capital there is one of the highest hunger problems among
the elderly

shame shame on all our congresspersons for allowing
this to happen
shame shame on those four states that have allowed
this to happen

now in the new budget there are plans to cut federal funding
for block grants which are used to help fund
meals on wheels programs
it takes somewhere between $1500-$2500 to feed an elderly
person for a year

cutting these funds will cost some folks from being cut from
the program

its just mean spirited

now a relative runs a program in one of those states
a real good program
that provides food to a lot of people every day
luckily some of it is privately funded
the federal funds contribute a lot to her successful program

i having being delivering these meals on wheels for 6 years
i really think some that i deliver to would become malnourished
maybe starve to death

most of them
split the meal in half like my mother use to do
eat half for lunch and half for supper
without these meals they might not eat at night
eat out of a can
not even eat at all

its just mean spirited
its embarrassing

for me its embarrassing to live in a state that allows old folks
to go hungry

if you live in one of those dark colored states above
you should be embarrassed too

if you live in the district of columbia
thats you congress and the president
you should should be real embarrassed
real ashamed
disgustingly ashamed

dont let them do this to our grandparents generation
oops i mean our generation

the organicgreen doctor

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