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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, March 27, 2017

rot care

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our healthcare system is not going to work
if we have one party ram through a program without
the other

although i like the start that obamacare gave us
protecting millions of us from financial ruin
it was rammed down the republicans throats
when the democrats had total power in the late 1990s

that left a bad taste in the republicans mouth
a real bitter one that helped to lose the democrats
any control of the government

what goes around comes around

then the republicans did the
gotcha thing
tried to ram a new plan down the democrats throat
how do you like the taste they said
politics it seems makes strange bedfellows
the freedom caucus who wanted to wipe out a lot the gains
that were made to protect our health
which most of us dont want to lose
they sort of teamed with the democrats
whom they probably dont agree with on anything
to defeat the attempt at trump ryan care

like a republican senator said at one of those rowdy
back home meetings recently
we just need to back up
take a deep deep breath
pause for a while
get the democrats and the republicans who can work together
to come up with a bipartisan health system
they want agree on everything
what comes out of it will be mutually agreed on

my suggestion
5 moderate republicans and 5 moderate democrats
with no majority for either party

the plan will probably be a better one
that we can all accept

if we dont
we wont have a workable plan

it will just get changed again with the democrats get power again
we cant let that keep happening

first let me say i think that there should be a
two option health care plan

one option
medicare for all
just add things to it that make it save money
like a tax for the medicare for all if you chose this one
say a 1 % tax that all pay no matter their income
add copays with the  deductibles and co insurance
like regular medicare does now
the copays would be new
make the copays set or make them sliding scale
i dont mind paying a $25 copay to see my primary care provider

start putting controls on services provided that seem a waste of money
like even stricter criteria for mris and other testings
i have had mris and scans not the research ones that didnt
necessarily change my care that much
it would have saved medicare a lot of money

make it harder to prolong folks lives
did you know that 90+% of doctors die at home
while most nondoctors die in the hospital
i think we know something yall dont

allow nurse practitioners or physician assistants to operate
they dont get paid as much as doctors do
let them be independent but keep the pay down to the level
so that they make the same income they do now
also then cut the doctors reimbursement to the nurse practitioner level
make it mandatory that all providers take this medicare for all

i personally see a competent neurology nurse practitioner and have
no problem doing it

there are other ways
to get more costs down
change how we allow our drugs to cost us so much

look closer at foreign countries like sweden and canada
and england to see how they hold their costs down
we need to do those things that they do thats good

option two
private insurance
that you obtain yourself or via your employer
set some standards they all must meet
put them out in the private market

i recently bought my medicare supplement
it was fairly easy and straightforward
almost too easy
i was worried i was doing something wrong
i was missing some loop hole
it just worked fairly smoothly

i think that what will happen over time is that the
medicare for all will gradually take over
if its kept simple and straightforward and efficient
as medicare is now

maybe allow for medicare for all supplements to be sold
like they are now with the regular medicare

i told someone the other day
im calling our new insurance plan the congress is coming
up with
ryanobamatrump care

smiled and said
oh you mean
rot care

yep thats what we are going to end up with
if we are not careful
rot care

the organicgreen doctor

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