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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, February 11, 2019

dear ms b-be like them


ms b
this weekend when i got home from volunteering at the trinity garden with a group of 20 premed fraternity students from the university of california at santa barbara where they worked in the garden
i said to my wife she thats your gmajo i want ms b to be like her
who she said
one of the students was from upper new england she being a 2nd or 3rd year student but i dont remember which specialty she wanted to go into yet
at least now in 2018 she can do whatever specialty she wants to do
they dont get limited to just men now especially the surgical specialties
an aside over half of the medical students in the us are female

i asked her how did you chose ucsb
she said i always wanted to live here so i applied to all the university of california schools and ended up here in santa barbara
lucky you i told her getting to live in this area in that campus overlooking the ocean

oh i said do you have family here
no she said

later we talked about traveling
she said oh ive gone to europe and canada and other places by myself and traveled throughout the countries
i told her of two of our young female acquaintances who did the same thing
they all seemed to have this almost independent pioneer spirit and arent too afraid to do things others are i guess afraid to do

not me i told her if it requires a passport then count me out

as i told my wife she this story she agreed with me
yes ms b we want you to be just like that student

then my wife she said did you see that super bowl video
what video
the one with marshawn lynch grabbing that cake and the melee that occurred with all those football stars
did you see that girl in the red dress at the end of the video catch that football
do that spin move and dodge all those nfl players
then throw to ball to someone else
thats her
sam gorden
what you mean her
thats the girl in the video
so i watched the commercial again
i watched the video of the red dress girl when she was younger

ms b
after watching that video of that red dress girl
ms b
i want you to be just like her

use these two as your mentors and youll do well

if you have a daughter or niece or granddaughter who plays sports
i suggest you click on this link or the link below and watch the red dress girl playing sports when she was younger

click here to read the article on the girl and see the video
you will definitely be impressed
the video in the article is more impressive than the video below
view the you tube video below

as i saw her running with that ball tucked under her arm with that pony tail flowing in the air with those boys way behind trying to catch her
i thought
yep ms b that could be you

the organicgreen doctor

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