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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, February 25, 2019

youll shoot your eye out

my wife she and i like to sit out on our upstairs deck like in a small town where your neighbors walk by
they sometimes stop and talk for a while
thats one of the reasons we like living here
it feels at time like an old home town place

as we were sitting there basking in the sun our neighbor next door walks by on the sidewalk
now we are on the second floor
she looks up and says you know im having my eye surgery tuesday then in 2 weeks im having the other eye done
i knew she was talking about cataract surgery
thats the way they like to do it
some like my motherinlaw had both hers done then later that day went with friends to the indian reservation casino for the evening
not me

i leaned over the railing and before i knew it i had said
after that scene in christmas story when ralphie wanted that bb gun
i said
youll shoot your eye out
i realized what i had said and i sat down and didnt say anymore

our neighbor just looked up at me
im sure she was thinking he must be off his alzheimers meds

i knew what i meant

when i went in for my eval for my cataract surgery
my right eye had gone from a perfect 20/20 with glasses to a blurry 20/70 in a matter of a year
so i was ready to have it done
without glasses in either eye my vision is in tte legally blind range
yes i was ready

but i had read and i knew that with my history of chronic iritis i knew that i would more likely have side effects and complications than someone with no iritis issues

iritis is where the eye gets inflamed and if left untreated the eye turns red with migraine like pain and headaches occur until its controlled
its controlled with high dose steroid eye drops and or oral steroids

i knew that going into the surgery
i asked him the surgeon
about the risk
he said we will deal with it when things show up
i was pretreated with steroid drops

this is what happened
first the lens dislocated on day one and i returned the next day to have it redone with a lens that was sutured in place
this happened because i had had iritis for years and had been on steroids off and on

then the eye gradually improved to about 20/25 close but not 20/20
later in my reading about cataract surgery in someone with chronic iritis that 20/25 is better than most folks get who have chronic iritis

then i tried contacts in the left eye so i could see 20/20 in the left and 20/25 in the right eye
i think most folks would accept that
then i noticed how much i was using my progressive lenses before on my glasses so now i had to have those extra readers laying around

no worry my wife she has them everywhere
on the toilet on the bathroom sink in the shower on the bedside table in the living room on the couch under the couch on the coffee table on the dining room table on the living room floor outside on the porch you name a location in our condo and there is one if not three within arms length

then my left eye started burning bad with the contact so i tried different types of contacts and after multiple visits i said
forget about it

i want glasses with progressives
ive worn glasses for 50 years and am use to them
i ordered glasses with a corrective lens on the left and a clear lens on the right
i had them add progressives on my lenses
i now can see whatever and whenever i want with just one pair of glasses
im 20/20 and 20/25 and im good with that

things were finally going well
i woke up 10 days ago
i thought someone had stuck an ice pick in my right eye
if you have ever had a flare of iritis you know how it feels
i also felt like someone had also stuck multiple ice picks in a circle around my head
i even in my sleepiness reached up to pull the one out of my eye
i then realized it wasnt there

i suddenly realized that this was a flareup of my iritis a bad one like i hadnt had for 3 years
also with this pain comes marked fatigue
until the pain and inflammation is controlled with steroids the pain and fatigue persists
also add the fatigue from my infusions and my aricept
i knew what needed to be done
i upped my steroid drops to the high doses ive used before and began the month long tapering dose
i contacted the eye surgeon who agreed with my diagnosis and treatment
ive done this a lot over the last 20 years so i knew what to do
in fact
when i stuck that agave thorn in my eye it also flared up the iritis bad like this

you can click here to read a series of blogs on that agave thorn in the eye saga

so that was my state of mind yesterday when i leaned over the railing
said to my poor unsuspecting neighbor

youll shoot your eye out

my plan is
hell will freeze over before i have that left eye done or when the vision in that eye gets bad enough to do something about it

the reason i have had so many issues with the eye is the chronic inflammation and the long term steroid use in the eye
i didnt really have a choice

the left eye has never had any issues
when i do have it done i should do as well as most folks

i told my wife as she said with a grin and a smirk
you want a bb gun for your birthday

the organicgreen doctor

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