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Thursday, February 28, 2019

my opinion


Image result for elijah cummings yesterday speech

probably half of you who read my blogs will not agree with me
i say unless you watched all the hearing yesterday and made your own opinion based on what you saw and heard

you are relying on someone else to think for you
that goes to both sides of the political spectrum

now im retired so i was able to sit and watch all the hearings from beginning to the fiery ending by elijah cummings

i agree with him

we all are better than this

now i watched all the hearings then i floated through fox news cnn msnbc pbs
i must say that pbs at least gave a fair hearing to both sides
the others were pretty much slanted one way or the other

my thoughts
now i will be voting in november 2020
i will be with you as the jury that will decide if this president was guilty and if he desires a second term
not a congressional hearing
not a congress
not a judge
you and i

i like you should get as much information as we can
like elijab cummings said yesterday
we want the truth

over the next 20+ months
we want the truth

my impressions

i will first admit i dont like trump
if he was a democrat which he used to be i still wouldnt vote for him ever
the day he made fun of the disabled news reporter solidified my dislike for him

michael cohen is corrupt he is a liar he is a cheat
he could not afford to lie
if he lied yesterday at all
he just extended his jail term longer
remember he could have gotten 70 years

so yesterday i think he was truthful at what he said

i think
trump is probably at risk for things he did before he became president
that will probably send him to jail after he is no longer president
be that getting impeached be that losing the next election be that serving a full 8 years
i think the new york prosecutors will wait him out

he oked the payments to the women
there is this paper trail
he is heard on tape talking about
his personal lawyer admitted it

he knew about the email dumps from wikilinks before that happened

he was pursuing the trump hotel in moscow while running for president

he lied about knowing about this and knowing about the email dumps and knowing about the trump tower meetings
there is probably a lot more russian things they we dont know about but mueller does

i agree with cohen
trump is a liar a cheat a racist
cohen is a liar a cheat himself
it seems trump attracts a lot of these folks

i was disappointed by most of the questioning from both the democrats and the republicans

oddly enough
i thought the best questions were from aoc
she used her 5 minutes to ask direct questions getting names and more information for further investigation
she extracted more information from cohen than probably all the others put together

we need feisty folks in congress really on both sides
to keep the pot stirred
to shake up the status quo some
the t party and the new left democrats

this is the way our democracy is suppose to work
it moves slow
but it will eventually get to the truth

thats all we want
the truth
an intact democracy

no matter whether you agree with me or not
read and think for yourself
dont let others do it for you
thats how you can lose
the truth
our democracy

the organicgreen doctor

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