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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Monday, May 11, 2020

38th day post quarantine

ive documented my journey with the covid 19 infection over the last 7 weeks hoping to give folks an insight to what this virus can do to you
if you asked me 3 weeks ago what i would be doing i would have said im back to where i was before i got sick
im not there yet
its been almost 7 weeks since i got sick

i have no fever no headache only occasionally runny nose no sorethroat hoarseness if i talk too much no cough no chest pain
i still have a lost of appetite
i think i could go all day without eating and have it not bother me
i have no diarrhea or stomach pain or bad nausea
just what my wife she said its like you have morning sickness

i have fatigue that hits me harder in the afternoon
i still have my shortness of breath that is definitely better than it was a week ago
enough that i can do more in the garden my measure of how im doing
i still have my ectopic heart beats that arent better and not worse

i have my stress echo scheduled this week to evaluate the heart
the covid 19 infections can attack every organ of the body
many folks think its just the lungs
but it can go after the heart causing damage to the heart muscle blood clots to the arteries inflammation of the heart and heart arrhythmias or irregular heart beats
thats what i am having evaluated with the stress echo and probably based on what it shows maybe a lengthy heart monitoring that i wear home with me

this will give me a good screening of my heart for any effect this covid 19 had on my heart
i had this done about 15 years ago when i developed chest pain after hiking in big bend national park
yes it was ok then

my risk factors are hypertension hyperlipidemia family history of heart attacks and heart disease and strokes
i have kept my blood pressure and cholesterol normal for several years
i also eat a mostly vegetarian diet or mind diet but i do eat meat if i want it ie sometimes i just want a real hamburger or some good ole bbq

after my cardiac workup i may have a baseline lung evaluation

my stomach issues are aggravated by the fact that im tapering back onto my dose of aricept (donepezil) for my mci due to alzheimers disease
i know that coming completely off this medicine may cause me to have a regression in my memory
since taking the aricept (donepezil) the last 10 years may be one of the reasons im doing so well
i dont want to lose that

the problem is it takes a month or so for those side effects you get from aricept to lessen
i take a pill each time i take the aricept that helps to control the nausea and indigestion it causes
i eventually will be able to stop that extra pill

this is my story with this virus

i would say i had a moderate infection that mainly attacked the gastrointestinal system and the respiratory system and maybe the cardiovascular system

more than likely i will return back to my preinfection state eventually and can go back to doing all that i was doing before this all started

i have lost another 5 lbs in a week so i weigh now what i weighed in high school
interesting is when i google my ideal body weight for my age and height and body build
it says that im at my ideal body weight
i want to be 15 lbs heavier than i am now

the organic soup kitchen soup for lunch each day adding a half an avocado and a scoop of rice and a scattering of cheese to the soup has increased my caloric intake

i actually researched how many calories i needed a day based on my age and usual activity
i realized i was not getting the calories i needed to regain my weight
i did a caloric count of my daily intake
i am able to increase calories by adding cheese and a slice of turkey to my morning egg sandwich
i added over a half a cup of mixed nuts a day spread out over 4 feedings
i added all that stuff to my lunch
i also added the same stuff to may evening meal
i also added things to increase my calories like ginger ale at lunch to help with nausea
this adds over a 100 calories a day

i basically am doing the opposite of what most folks are always trying to do
im trying to overeat as much as i can

i would hate to be one of those folks who were hit by a worse case of this infection than what i had
i can only imagine the health issues they must have

even if on the other side of all of this i am left with where i am now
im ok with that
i can do most of what i like to do
im alive

getting a case like this gives you a different perspective of this virus
a respect for what it can do to you

i think if more of those folks that arent doing what needs to be done to slow this down
wearing a protective mask to protect those around them and maybe themselves
washing their hands a lot
keeping a safe distance

if they got this like i had or a more severe case
if they survive the infection
they would see things different

here is my or should i say our plan

if we leave our house we will wear a n95 mask
we wash our hands when we leave and when we return
we avoid going into any place of business
if we do we have our mask on
we disinfect our hands our car keys etc afterwards
we leave things we buy in quarantine for 72 hours unless its perishable

we realize we both may be immune from this virus
my guess since they are doing good research right now that by the end of the year we will know if we are truly immune

we will know in a few months if the first vaccine really works
if it does it will be mass produced to be given before the end of the year or right after the first
if it doesnt work there are several different ones that are being researched
we plan to get immunized if its available

until this happens with the testing and the immunization
my wife she and i will pretend we are not immune

if you mark you calender for 10 days
if trump and pence arent symptomatic they probably didnt get the infection
if they dont get it i hope they learned their lesson

they need to do all those things the rest of us are doing
even more so
those around them need to do all those things you would do if your loved ones were high risk for getting this infection
restrict who is around them
all who are must wear a mask
all should use hand washing a lot and frequent hand sanitizers
they both should probably be quarantined as much as possible
they need to keep their distance from others
the two of them should never be around each other

if they dont do this
one of them if not both will probably get infected

as you mark our calendar be ready since we will probably see an surge in cases again as more people are out there exposing each other not doing what they should be doing to protect those vulnerable to this disease

be safe
follow the rules
you dont want this infection

the organicgreen doctor

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