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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

update on mr hudson


mr hudson his time has arrived
he has to now have his transplant
his kidney function has deteriorated to the point where
either he gets transplanted now
he has to start peritoneal dialysis
there is no more waiting

for those medical folks
his bun is 77
his creatinine is 8.44
this is worse than last months labs

we are all ready to get this done
you can now tell that he doesnt feel good
someone who didnt know him wouldnt think he had anything wrong with him
he does

he was scheduled to have it done last month
we were all ready as was the live kidney donor
the covid 19 outbreak shut down transplants all across the country
including at his hospital cedars sinai

now like most transplant services they are starting to do the transplants again

right now his transplant is scheduled for july 7th
six weeks from now
hudson and his parents have to be in los angeles to live for at least 4 weeks if not longer after the transplant

the big issue is
we have to keep hudson and the living donor covid 19 free
we have to get the living donor here safely from the east coast

if she drives or comes via a commercial flight she has to be quarantined in los angeles for 2 weeks before the transplant
driving and commercial flying is high risk
i wouldnt do it

the option that is the best to get the living donor here covid 19 free is to fly her on a private jet
where she doesnt have to get off the plane at all until she gets to los angeles
she doesnt have to be quarantined for 2 weeks

thats the option that everyone from his kidney doctor his transplant doctor his infectious disease doctor his parents his grandparents think is the best option

a few months ago the childrens organ transplant association or cota fund for mr hudson was set up
at that time there were no thoughts of having to transport the living donor via private airplane

the cota sets up a fund for mr hudson that stays with him all of his life
any funds donated to him is kept in the fund for him to access for expenses related to his kidney disease
like heath care not covered by his private insurance
like living and travel expenses associated with his medical care
it seems
part of the funds will be used to safely transplant the living donor here via private jet

mr hudson has pilots and owners of a private jet that will fly the donor to los angeles
all the family has to do is provide for the flight expenses
its not cheap
somewhere between $30000 to $50000
the transplant itself will cost around $1 million
most of the transplant expenses but not all will be covered by private insurance
the fund will also be used to cover those noncovered costs

this week the ceo of the company hudson mom works for when he found out about hudson sent out a hey we need to help mr hudson video to the employees
so far over 335 folks have donated close to $55000 to the cota fund in the last few days
the donors are friends relatives fellow employees and strangers

as of now there is enough in the fund to cover the cost of flying the living donor here via private jet
the rest will be used for all those thousands of dollars that arent covered by health insurance

this week the local tv station and local news service did a story on mr hudson

the article can be linked here

the youtube video is below

mr hudson if i would describe him would have the personality the temperament of my mother
those who know her understand what a pleasant person she was

during the interview my son described mr hudson as a kind soul

thats how i think best to describe him
a real kind soul

i last got to hold and play with mr hudson on 3-20 the day before i got sick
thankful i didnt transfer the infection to him

after i got out of quarantine or self isolation i still continued to have some symptoms so on the safe side i had decided to not get near him until i felt better
then as i got better i last week ended up with the shingles so i still havent after all this time to be able to play with him
i have though stayed outside the fence and watched him from a distance

every time i see him he wanders over to the flower bush
picks a flower
hands it to me through the fence
i tear up every time he does that

because of the covid 19 restrictions my wife she and i will not get to go to the hospital at all when he gets transplanted
only mom and dad can be there and they can only have one of them at a time

im not ok with that but in these times i accept it

we are all ready to do this
yep its time

you can access the childrens organ transplant association fund for hudsons transplant 
at this link

the organicgreen doctor

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