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Monday, February 7, 2022

covid 19-it may never end


after i read this article on the flu of 1918 i realized that us dealing with covid will never end
thats what happened with the flu of 1918
that flu or a variation of that flu hits us every year
causing the loss of around 10,000 to around 50,000 deaths a year
many of us get a flu vaxxine to keep from getting the flu
maybe half of us get the flu shot
it seems
accept that many folks dying from the flu each year and just live our lives

so far we have had over 900,000+ folks to die from covid
100,000 of them died in just few weeks
we are losing around 2400 folks a day from covid

at what level of deaths from covid among our loved ones friends neighbors fellow americans is low enough for us to just go about like nothing is wrong
sort of 
like we do with the flu

when that time arrives thats the time to back off on all the masking and other restrictions

we it seems want to get there but we arent there yet
we are getting close to start moving that way

the number of covid infections is dropping fast
the number of hospitalizations is dropping also
the number of deaths is still climbing
those death numbers are expected to plateau eventually and start to drop

when deaths starts to go down then we are ready to loosen up some

it would be nice if there were a standard number we could all look at to know when we could start loosening up and at what speed to move 

my guess that will the number of cases per 100,000
when you reach that threshold then things could start opening up again

if no new variant occurs and explodes like the omicron and delta did then we may be ok
remember there are so many unvaxxed folks in the world and those without any natural immunity that leaves a big reservoir for these variant mutations to develop

hopefully the omicorn will die down to a low number soon
hopefully there will be and is a large amount of natural immunity that will develop
hopefully more folks will get triple vaxxed
hopefully that will leave a lot of folks with immunity 
hopefully that will slow down this pandemic so it will be endemic

it covid will rise its head again like the flu does each year
a covid vaxxine will be needed each year to boost your immunity to the virus
natural immunity to covid will start to wane over several months so that eventually those folks will be susceptible to reinfection

will it be a bad infection or a milder one
only the variant will know that answer

it may be like the flu where its bad one year and not the next

there is really only one solution to this
getting vaxxxed and revaxxed each year

your kids your grandkids and their grandkids and their grandkids will be dealing with these covid outbreaks

there were lessons to learn from the flu of 1918
we didnt study it and learn from it
history has repeated itself

we should all read this article on the flu of 1918

the organicgreen doctor

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