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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, February 21, 2022

covid 19-we need to be smarter about what we do


the numbers of infections are dropping each week
not so fast is the number of hospitalizations and deaths
there are still a lot of folks getting infected every week
if you are vulnerable to getting real sick with covid 
you need to be real careful

those are folks with disabilities immunosuppressed folks chronically ill folks
theres millions of those folks who even though they are vaxxxed are still vulnerable to getting real sick with covid

its up to the rest of us to protect them
i doubt there is anyone who doesnt have a vulnerable person in their circle

it seems we are about 1-2 months away before its really safe to back off on things
states are doing this backing off way too early

in california they come up with a plan called the smarter plan
the idea is that the pandemic covid and endemic covid will require a mobile plan or fluid plan where we will have to change what we do as things get worse again

this fall its more than likely that there will be a surge again of covid
if it is an variant that has changed itself enough to evade all our built up immunity 
we will all be in trouble

the thinking is and the hope is that that wont be the case
there may be enough immunity built up to protect most of us from severe infection
ie hospitalizations and death

we will not reach herd immunity

its thought that we will have about 70-80% immunity either acquired or natural immunity or immunity from vaxxinations
immunity from vaxxinations appears to be the best to have

there will be likely a fourth booster shot offered this fall
it probably will be altered each year from now on and be given along with the flu shot

the smarter plan is

s shots are the most powerful weapons against covid

m masks especially ones like the n95 masks help slow the spread of covid
if little 3 year old mr hudson will pop his on without complaints why are some of you adults complaining so much about masking

a aware of how the covid is changing and what the levels of infections are where you live

r readiness to change as covid changes and treatments and recommendations change

t testing can tell you if you have it which means you need to isolate yourself like you would if you had the flu and or to seek early treatment

e education keep the schools open

r rx or prescriptions like antivirals antibody treatments vaxxines and new treatments that will arrive

we have learned a lot about covid and how to manage it over the last 2 years

the saddest part is the fact it has become politicized like it has
covid doesnt care what your politics are
covid is actually happy there are antimaskers and anitvaxxers out there
remember almost all the folks who have died from covid didnt have the s in the smarter plan
they didnt have the covid shots

the subvariant of omicron called ba.2 is spreading across several countries since its more contagious than omicron
luckily it doesnt cause worse disease and seems to be slowed by our vaxxxines

the concern is if a variant pops up that is resistant to our vaxxines
if it does we will be back to square one
we have learned a lot about what we need to do to protect ourselves

until mr hudson gets his fourth vaxxxxine i will continue to wear my mask when in high risk situations

i wear my mask going into any store

i wear it in our garden but now mainly to protect my nose which has had two mohs and plastic surgeries for skin cancer from the sun and to keep from inhaling molds and mildews and pollens from the garden which has aggravated my nasal allergies
if you live in texas think like ragweed or cedar
i may always wear a mask in the garden even when i am alone

i probably wont go inside a restaurant to eat yet but have no problem sitting outside to eat
actually usually when we went to a restaurant to eat prepandemic we usually ate outside

i probably wont travel on a plane until im sure the pandemic is endemic and mr hudson is quadrovaxxinated

im not concerned if i were to catch covid 
i just dont want to carry it to mr hudson

you should be concerned for your at risk loved ones that you can carry the virus to

i like most of you look forward to getting back closer to normal
i also know this could all change quickly 

we just need to be smart about what we do from now on

the organicgreen doctor

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