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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Friday, March 11, 2022

alzheimers news-is it more than brain fog


when i read this article i thought of what about the kids
oh its just a mild case these kids get
after reading the article i wondered if the mild covid infections would affect a kids brain like it did in the adults in the study

in great britain since they have a national health system and have lots of records
they found folks who had mris of the brain done before they got mild covid
they did an mri of the brain on average about 5 months later
they compared the two mris
one before covid
one after covid

they found these mild covid cases seemed to cause changes in the brain in the olfactory areas but also in other areas some that alzheimers also seems to attack
there was a loss of volume of the brain in these mildly covid infected patients

i have copied the picture of these from the nature article below

The red-yellow regions are the parts of the brain that shrank the most in the 401 SARS-CoV-2 infected participants, compared with the 384 noninfected participants. Gwenaëlle Douaud, in collaboration with Anderson Winkler and Saad Jbabdi, University of Oxford and NIH.

we all have heard about the olfactory deficits or loss of smell from covid infections
when i was sick with what i think was covid it left me with an effect on my sense of taste such that i have trouble flavoring my cooking so i just follow a recipe to attempt to get it right
i have not lost my sense of smell totally but it is diminished
i even get these odd smells i smell sometimes that dont really exist
one is a smell of a burning electrical cord if youve ever done that you know the smell

one of the areas of the brain first attacked in alzheimers disease is the olfactory center
those strange smells are part of the disease early on
there also may be the development of rhinorrhea or runny nose early in the disease
i also have that since i was sick

the olfactory center shrinks probably first in alzheimers since its close to the hippocampal area where alzheimers starts

does covid infection even mild ones do the same thing to these areas of the brain
it seems it does
the big question is
will these changes be permanent

there is also evidence in these mild covid patients that were tested that there is a loss of memory 
will it be permanent

it also seemed to affect the older patients more than the younger ones

the brain has a lot of plasticity so it can get damaged and recover
the hope is that these covid effects on the brain will recover

i hope that the growing kids brains are resistant to the damaging effects of covid
im sure eventually studies will be done 
if they are present i would expect things like behavior issues or adhd or depression or anxiety or other neurology effects to show up
maybe the kids will all escape this covid effect on the brain 

this is another example of how this covid virus was not like other viral infections we have seen before
it definitely was not like the flu
flu doesnt do this to the brain

im hoping that these effects seen on these mris of these mild covid patients causing these neurology problems dont persist or worsen as the patient ages

here is a good article on this with links to the original nature article on the study

it didnt say but i wonder if you are programmed to get alzheimers anyway does it speed up that process in the brain

im hoping its not permanent for these covid patients

its even worse for some patients who have long covid now and in those folks who were sicker with covid

im glad i was vaxxxed and didnt get covid
ive got enough brain worries as it is

the organicgreen doctor

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