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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, March 7, 2022

covid 19-be careful deer hunting this fall


this fall if you are deer hunting like many folks do in the south midwest and west us
you should be careful
maybe you should wear a mask when hunting
even wear gloves when handling any deer thats harvested


a new variant has been found in deer that has maybe been there about a year but was recently documented
apparently a hunter caught this new variant from a deer
its theorized that the deer caught it months ago from a human

this is likely how the covid pandemic all started in china
from animal to human transmission

hopefully the hunter is vaxxed or has some immunity 

if though this new variant had changed enough while in the deer so its resistant to our vaxxines or our immunity 
then this is how a new outbreak could occur

its believed there will be an outbreak this fall of covid when the weather gets cold
about when the flu starts to hit

how bad this outbreak would be would be determined by how good our immunity is to any new variant

now this deer outbreak of covid occurred in canada
it wouldnt take long for it to spread south deep into the us

for now 
most places in the us are in a good place when it comes to the covid 19 pandemic
each week it gets better
this trend should continue

our case rates and hospitalizations and deaths are slowing
the hospital and medical systems are letting out a big sigh of relief

for us my wife she and i
we are mostly doing what we want to do 
usually unmasked
masking going into enclosed spaces
masking if we are around a large group outside

ill admit it feels good to not have to wear my mask much after doing so these last two years

if you have a vulnerable loved one please continue to protect them
they will probably need to wear a mask more aggressively since they are more susceptible to being infected

also its believed our immunity to this virus may wane over the next few months which could make us more vulnerable to reinfection this fall and winter

we should all enjoy this reprieve
keep our guards up as the fall and winter arrives this year

it may warrant keeping an eye on this deer thing
they were whitetail deer by the way
since this covid virus could spread from state to state like other viral infections do
arriving near you just in time for deer season

its called zoonosis

the organicgreen doctor

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