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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Friday, September 16, 2022

polypill can prevent a second heart atttack


a polypill is a pill that has several meds in one tablet or capsule
india has a polypill it uses as a primary prevention of cardiovascular disease
ie stroke and heart atttack and some would add alzheimers to that list
the india polypill has aspirin and a statin drug and a blood pressure drug mixed together

recently in this study linked here and reviewed here a polypill made up of aspirin and ramipiril or altace and atorvastatin or lipitor was given to folks after a heart attack to prevent stroke and or a second heart attack and it significantly reduced the number of these events

the aspirin prevents a blood clot from forming
the ramipril controls the blood pressure and helps take the load off the heart
the atorvastatin lowers the cholesterol

here is a review of polypills available in the world but not here in the us

now i looked at these and realized i have been on these drugs now for about 12 years
im just taking mine separately as an individual pill ie aspirin plus atorvastatin plus a cousin to ramipril although i got off the cousin pill two years ago when my blood pressure was too low

usually most folks after a heat attack are put on a similar regimen using 3 or more different prescription
it may be aspirin or another similar drug
a statin drug
a blood pressure medicine similar to the ramipril or another blood pressure pill that works to control the blood pressure or help the heart work better

i always wondered maybe more of us should be on the ingredients in the polypill before we have a heart atack or stroke or develop alzheimers disease

also the polypill increases compliance since its just one pill you pop in your mouth each day and your done
compliance is probably the reason this polypill works better 

look at the medicine you are on 
if you are on the polypill ingredients already 
you should feel good about the protection its providing

i was looking at the death certificate of a relative from the 1950s
he died from angina and hypertension at the age of 58
both easily treated now days
the polypill would have kept him from developing cardiovascular disease
he could have had a stent placed or a bypass graft done and then placed on the polypill ingredients 
he might have lived another 30 years

so look and see if you are taking the polypill ingredients or its equivalence
if you are you should feel good about taking your pills each day 

my relative would have loved to have had access to these meds

the polypill is not available in the us but it is elsewhere
the ingredients are available in the generic form though in the us

i dont want to die from something i can prevent

the organicgreen doctor

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