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Thursday, September 1, 2022

serenas curtain call


this picture i posted in 2018 when i wrote a blog on serena
she had just had an hbo documentary done on her called serena
at that time she has just had her baby and then had a post partum pulmonary embolism that almost killed her but she persevered and survived

like i wrote 4 years ago i usually never watch tennis unless serena is playing
i recently also watched the movie that will smith played as her father
it gave you insights into where this journey of hers in womens tennis developed
an improbable story of a young black girl from compton california that won the us open as a teenager
her career rocket took off after that

she is in the ending days of her tennis career
i like millions of others realize this is it
we wont see her ever again ever playing competitive tennis

its like watching michaels or tigers or muhammed alis or lebrons last sporting event
you want to be there or you want to see it on tv

these are one name sports stars
folks know who they are if you just say the first name

there arent many first name folks in other professions
oprah or elaine

so this week i watched her first match in round one mostly on dvr
i watched all the commentary before and afterwards
i even watched the ads that had her in it

this morning i got up early 
ok it was 230am and watched her match #2
i hope i didnt wake up my wife she yelling with the crowd that was cheering along with me

it was a match worth watching
if i dont see her next match or matches in the us open then im ok with it
i would like to remember her how she played in this match

i also want to see what she does for her next career
im sure she will attack it like she does her tennis career

i think of the women whose lives she probably has saved by telling her story of her pregnancy
and how she would have died had she not been proactive listening to her body and seeking medical care
if she hadnt she would have died from her pulmonary embolism
then she talks about her post partum depression and her being a working mom wanting to not be playing tennis but being with her daughter all the time

something a lot of moms can relate to

this final curtain call tournament should not be going that well for her
she has hardly played any competitive tennis this year
she shouldnt be at the top of her game
i must say from watching that match this morning 
she is there now

could she win it all this week
wouldnt that be a great way of ending her tennis career

winning where it all started

i realized that unless another serena comes along
this could be the end of my pro tennis watching

there may not ever be another serena

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. Nice! I didn’t get to see the match, but you made me wish I had.