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Monday, February 20, 2023

why old blackie my farm truck never got stolen


thats a picture of my old farm truck we called old blackie
by the time i gave her to a friend when we moved from the country n to santa barbara it was not only black but it had white marks on it and lots of brown from the rust that appeared where scrapes and dents were

when i say dents i mean big ole dents no little ole dings

this is a load of rocks i got from somewhere to probably add to our rock driveway
thats our two farm dogs
one up front was maverick
he loved my wife she
all i had to do was look at my wife she wrong and he would growl at me
he was a good guard dog also
he always kept visitors at the front gate before we allowed him to let them in

the other dog was bucky 
he was called bucky because he had an overbite
he was an almost registered border collie but because of the overbite he was going to be sacrificed
so we saved him
he was the smartest dog i ever saw
problem was he was totally obsessed with our chickens
he would herd them but he would also slaughter them

he was given away to a rancher a few miles away
he sent him to sheep herding school and the last we heard he was happy shepherding those flocks of sheep

now i had old blackie for about 15 years
i actually flew to dallas from austin to buy it
a friend had traded it in for a new range rover
they sold it to me at a good price

it was low mileage and looked almost brand new
it was 3 years old when i bought it

about 15 years later it was showing its age
it had around 120000 miles on it
i went almost 5 years once without changing its oil
the seats would get tears on it and i would suture it up like a major laceration
there was duct tape all over the seats
the dash came loose once so i duct taped it back on with black duct tape
the switch to turn the lights on was duct taped in place

several times i had such a heavy load of rock or soil or other heavy loads that my front of my truck would be seeming to hang up in the air
as i drove down the highway it would bounce up and down like a ghetto car

the event that changed old blackie from a nice truck to drive to a beat up farm truck happened before i retired
i was driving on a 4 lane highway and there was a caravan of power company trucks and a caravan of travel campers mixed in with the regular traffic
the traffic was only moving about 40 mph
i had a glass of tea sitting on my floor board near my stick shifter
it slid off that hump onto the floor board
i momentarily looked down
when i looked back up this truck was about to get creamed by old blackie as it stopped suddenly at the right time
to avoid creaming the truck i moved over into the next lane
careening off a big ole cement truck
sadly old blackie got the worst in the deal

the right fender and right side of the truck bed was crunched
my rear view mirror was hanging by its wires
the headlights never did show straight ahead again
one always seemed to be spot lighting for owls in the trees at night

no one was hurt but old blackie

it would never be the same
old blackie was then relegated to farm truck status

i was able to use strong black duct tape to hold the mirror in place

old blackie never got to travel too far from the country n after that

you would commonly find in the back lots of mulch or compost or soil or rocks or some type of debris shovels fencing rock bars etc
i also used it to haul things as i volunteered at habit for humanity

i drove old blackie another 10 years after that until old blackie moved to its new home

best farm truck ever

what made me think of old blackie was this picture below i saw posted on social media by a relative mal
thanks for the picture

there was a point where i started to have old blackie all fixed up with all the dents and scrapes repaired and the upholstering repaired but i decided to leave old blackie like it was

as i know now from reading the above i realized no one would have stolen it from me

btw old blackie is still going strong

best old farm truck ever

the organicgreen doctor 

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