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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Friday, April 28, 2023

alzheimers news-now they may pay for it


the fda has given approval for using aduhelm or aducanumab my drug to use in early alzheimers or mci mild cognitive impairment due to alzheimers
if you have the money you can get it or if you sign up for a clinical trial
then usually in a clinical trial there are folks on placebo or the real drug
you dont get to decide which

my guess is that aduhelm will not be the best one to take in the future since the newer ones may work better

medicare or cms center for medicare and medicaid services says they wont pay for it unless its in the clinical trials
limiting its use since its expensive to pay out of pocket

now enter leqembi or lecanemab 
it should get full approval by the fda in a couple of months
if they treat it like it did aduhelm then its use will be limited based on finances
the va system though has said they will approve leqembis use and pay for it

now medicare according to this article says it will cover leqembi if the fda approves it
there are buts

all patients
have to sign up for a registry thats not established yet
have to meet the strict criteria approved by the fda
eg you have to have early alzheimers or mci with a positive amyloid pet scan or other positive biomarker like i presume a spinal fluid positive biomarkers
have to find some place that will give the infusions
have to follow strict guidelines

finding a place may not be easy 
there may be too many folks wanting to get on this stuff 
there arent many places that will initially be giving the leqembi

it was 2010
leqembi was approved back then
i was just diagnosed with mci 
my spinal fluid was positive
my amyloid pet scan was positive

i would at the age of 60 if it was available would happily get on this drug
right then 

now in 2010 there is no other option that may really slow this down
doing all the things i have done for the last 13 years

like controlling your blood pressure weight cholesterol blood sugar sleep being active physically mentally and socially not smoking limiting alcohol use etc
doing all the healthy things we are suppose to do 
taking aricept or donepezil early on
i have been on it almost 13 years now

if it the leqembi had been available in 2010 i would probably be in a much better situation with my alzheimers than i am now
not cured
it may be slowed down

i have 14 more months of aduhelm infusions
i will seek out whichever approved anti amyloid drug that is available and works the best and get on it
i will probably need to be on a  maintenance dose of maybe eg 4 infusions a year

when that time comes i probably will have several to chose from
aduhelm or leqembi or donanemab or newer ones

if you or your loved one was recently diagnosed with early alzheimers or mci due to alzheimers
it has to be definitely diagnosed with a spinal fluid analysis or an amyloid pet scan
then you or they should qualify for receiving bimonthly infusions of leqembi if they qualify and meet the treatment criteria
it probably will slow down the disease

you dont want to wait too long to do treatment since if you get past a certain point it will be too late to work

finding a place that is all set up may be the hard to find right now

now there are risks to taking these drugs
like having a major brain bleed or dying

i was willing to accept those risks knowing what would happen if i didnt get treatment
i might die maybe sooner from alzheimers disease
these are risks i was willing to accept
i felt like i am monitored closely while i am on this drug

now if they pay for it 
we have to get the word out this is available

i call it
some hope

the organicgreen doctor

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