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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Thursday, April 20, 2023

cancer vaxxine


this is henrietta lacks
she died from from cervical cancer
her cancer cell lines called hela have been used all over the world in cancer research
she had an hbo documentary written about her as well as a best selling book

had she gotten a hpv vaxxine when she was a young teen she probably would not have gotten cervical cancer and died from its metastasis through her body

hpv stands for human papilloma virus
it causes cervical cancer 

there is a vaxxine that will prevent other cancers listed below 
100% of us are exposed to this virus

in the us the hpv vaccine is given around 12 years old
its given to boys and girls before they get exposed to the virus which causes cervical cancer

in australia its given to boys and girls around 13 years old and his required to attend school
its expected that in australia there will be no cervical cancers there in about 20 years
ie they will eradicate cervical cancer there 
as long as they give the hpv vaccine like they are doing now

in the us only about 50+% of boys and girls get the vaxxine for hpv
so that leaves 50% of the population at risk for the cancers this virus causes later in life
cervical cancer
penile cancer
anal cancer
oral cancer

its a young adult disease
totally preventable

almost 100% of kids will be exposed to hpv and carry the virus
thus the risk for these cancers
totally preventable
cancers we should not see any more
we do 
in the us

the hpv vaxxine if given later after exposure to the virus doesnt work as well
it works best if given preexposure to the virus
the early teen vaxxine ages 

sadly we lose thousands each year to these cancers
deaths we shouldnt see

we should follow australias lead on the vaxxine mandate
3 states rhode island virgina hawaii and washington dc mandate it
the rest of the states dont
dooming their kids to a cancer risk that should not exist

prevent this cancer risk in your kids
get them vaxxinated against hpv

the organicgreen doctor

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