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Monday, April 10, 2023

my thoughts on school shootings


new york times

this weekend  i witnessed hundreds of kids happily gathering easter eggs
today most of those kids will be headed back to school
as their parents pack them off to school
i am sure many of them have in the back of their minds
i wonder if this will be the day it happens 

if you have a child in the us under 19 the most likely cause for them to die
is not a car wreck
is not cancer
is not suffocation
is not a fall
they will get shot by a gun

no other industrialized country ie canada uk sweden switzerland france japan germany holland australia austria belgium has that statistic
kids in those countries die from car wrecks and cancer and congenital disease as their top three causes
gun deaths there rank from 5-15th in causes of deaths
not in the us
we shoot our kids

i think of this a lot as i see my grandkids go off to school and see pictures of my friends kids and relatives go off to school

i think is this going to be the day

statistically if one of them dies they will get shot most likely at school and will see classmates and teachers dying from these watermelon wounds

there were 46 school shootings in the us in 2022
think of the thousands of kids traumatized from the horror of their school being shot up

this video below is of a guy shooting up a bunch of watermelons with an assault weapon
a weapon of war

if you are going to read this blog today you need to take the time and watch this video

now imagine that those watermelons on those shelves are your kids and their classmates innocently sitting at their desks
then some person with that assault weapons opens the door and starts shooting that classroom of kids

you can see the total destruction that would occur of those kids

maybe they should show pictures of the death scenes so we can really see what these weapons do to our kids

now i am not some gun hating person
i grew up with guns
i hunted a lot when i was younger with my youngest brother
probably most of my relatives own guns
im ok with them owning guns for target shooting and hunting and for protection
watching that video and im thinking
we have to do something about this mass murdering of our kids

failing to do so is immoral

there has to be an assault rifle ban with some restrictions on those who can own them
i know folks who have them and use them eg to hunt wild hogs that destroy their land
im ok with those folks owning them

but to just walk in and buy 2 of them then use then a few days later to shoot up a school and to shoot 3 kids and 3 adults like they were those watermelons

how can we all sleep at night knowing this can happen anywhere you live

washington state is passing laws on assault weapons
maybe it can be used as a model for other states to use

if we dont do something
we all will still be sending our kids to school after a happy weekend
will this be the day

we have to do something

the organicgreen doctor

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