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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, January 31, 2011

broke schools, mood foods, bb tonight, gas

so the school district where my wife she works is going broke
they have 5 high schools that are about 2500 students in each
school, 3 times the number of middle schools and a gazillion
number of elementary schools just to give you an idea of
the size of the district

they are $60 million in the hole

lets see where will they make cuts

lets see
fire teachers
fire librarians
fire administration employees
close schools no apparently not an option
have hiring freeze
increase class sizes-boy wont those kids have fun with all those
extra classmates to play with-can see it now with paper wad
fights, food fights in cafeteria (heck get rid of cafeterias then wont
need cafeteria workers), etc

fire all the older experience teachers and hire all new ones
there are plenty of new ones that cant get jobs
big savings there

lets see raise money by
closing a school(s) and leasing it out to a new business

selling the huge athletic complex or rent it out to some poor
college that cant afford such a huge complex-theres
$15 million plus
ads on buses as mentioned before in a previous blog
add google ads that change regularly
maybe get some controversial ads to raise bus ad awareness

get rid of all extracurricular activity so the kids are on their own
after school-am sure they can think of some good things to get
involved with

charge the kids if they want to get involved in anything at school
like a history club fee, germain club fee, latin club fee, bathroom
fee, etc

get rid of all libraries and just let the teachers use the internet
heck the kids could just do the same

have a cell phone usage fee to use the cell phone at school
increase the fines on using the cell phone during class
heck let kids use the cell phones for their textbooks
there some big savings there and there would not be any
more controversy over what goes in to the textbooks

heck have the teachers do the cleaning of their rooms and the
hall ways in front of their classes and the nearest bathroom and
the windows near their class rooms

charge students to park using meters instead of stickers so more
money can be made, write them tickets and make them pay them,
haul the cars off if not paid and charge to get them back, and work
out a deal with the local towing companies for a cut

get rid of all sports teams and make it all intramural and club
sports like lacrosse does
then charge fees for using the schools facilities for those sports
and activities (just dont be poor or you cant play)

another thing that would be helpful would be to have a governor
and legislature that put the crisis in schools-its a crisis that will
affecta whole generation and affect our economy-as their number
one priority

no lets see their two top priorities this session are making women
look at fetuses right before they have an abortion with an ultrasound
making people have a picture id before they vote
both will end up in court and will cost the state a lot of money to
defend as the cases march through the courts
got to get ready for that presidential run

heck even raise taxes, take back that 2% fica tax im not paying,
raise income tax, and cut spending, make the schools and state
do some belt tightening

we did at our house even though we make a good income
as we try to look ahead into the future and be prepared for the

if they tap all of the rainy day funds what do the schools do when
it stops raining then they are back to where they were

there is an answer somewhere


from yahoo this morning
these foods may help your mood
may need them after reading the above

plants high in folate such as leafy greens like kale, broccoli,
spinach, asparagus, bok choy, fortified whole grains, turnip
greens(good soul food), beans, peas, melons and fruits

foods high in omega 3 such as fish like salmon, mackerel,
sardines, anchovies, and herring (some of those dont
sound good), flaxseed, walnuts, algae (now that doesnt
sound good at all)

good carbs such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables

only item missing is chocolate

no not the type from eating legumes
saw the first $3.00 a gallon unleaded regular this week here
where i live
think thats a first here (know its common elsewhere but not
its a mental thing
we are over the edge when it gets to $3.00
next will be $4.00 and people will drive less and commute
together more and ride buses and trains more and bikes and
dont think so not in texas
texans will go broke resisting all those things

its aggies vs horns
aggies known for their football are better at basketball
than football now for several years
just ask texas
horns play at aggie land tonight
a real raunchy place to play
its the pit
if only texas had a place like that to play basketball at
horns may be wore out as they just had a stretch where they beat
3 of the top 20 teams in the last several days and play
their 3rd game in 5 days
if they win this one the horns are definitely definitely
good this year-just watch them and youll see they are good

addendum-was worried wedding journey stuff would interfere
with march madness and the final four
its working out ok
priorities priorities

the organicgreen doctor


  1. Great post, Doc!

    Agreed on school finance... that should have been top priority. Disgusting what did make top-billing.

    I'm not big on big high school football... tons of money and attention spent there and it has no educational value. I agree that after-school activities are important but funneling so much into something only few can play is wrong.

    I wouldn't mind seeing a mandatory after-school hobby class be it sports, chess, homemaking, anything really...

    My foster-daughter is in JROTC. Great program.

  2. What's up Doc!

    Me and my girlfriends were just discussing this over lunch yesterday. We will pay for this shortfall one way or another. Cut funding in schools...increase your crime rate and future inmates. In the end...we will spend more on housing these students in our state prisons. That ain't right!

  3. kw
    my wife she teaches in an alternative high school and sees the effects every day
    those programs that help kids when they are young or before they are born is money well spent to keep from paying thousands a year of prison care later