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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

i dont recall

i like most americans are disgusted with the us congresspersons
who are messing us all up

it looks like they may make a compromise that will kick things
down the road
and well just be where we are now in early 2014

we may all have to go through all this again

yes im disgusted

so i went to google and since google knows everything there
is to know about everything including us
think nsa on a bigger scale
and i googled
how to recall a us congressperson

well where i live in texas
you cant recall a us congressperson
you can only remove them from office
voting the out the next election

in some states eg california you can recall them
then those 18 states should start recalling their congresspersons

do the job
get out of office

here in texas we just have to wait
impeachment needs a real good reason like treason or something
like that
or if you are president lying about having sex with a white house intern
like something like that hasnt happened before

so it again is vote them out

i propose that in the next election in 2014 that if your congressperson
is running again
vote him/her out
of course where we live sometimes we have only one choice
since we have become almost a one party system here in the state
which is bad no matter your party affiliation

i suggest then they you put my name in the write in box
donald duck
dont you know he would ruffle some feathers

here is a video link of dave ramsey whom i listen to on the radio
a lot
i dont agree always with his politics or his other personal beliefs
but i do agree on his financial advice on straightening out your
money problems
and his views on us the voters who put these people in office

how does the affordable care act affect you by dave ramsey

in this video link listen to the first part where he talks about
basically how to think for yourself which i agree with
and then a lot about congress

i guess after listening to all of the video and thinking
about this dysfunction in washington

im a communist since i am a big supporter of obamacare
this all is really our fault since we put them all in office
and we keep revoting them back
that the congresspersons need to leave our social security monies
alone and quit using it for other things

now that should be an impeachable event

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. Donal Duck has my vote! Great idea. I too am sick and disgusted by the childish behavior of our representatives! When my children behaved like that they didn't keep it up for long! What amazes me is that they can't see, or perhaps don't care, what the country thinks about them. I never liked politics and now I remember why.